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I think this background was the endpiece to one of the earlier chapters? Kat and Annie were holding hands across it? I don't remember it well enough to look it up right now but might try after work today.
Actually the whole image reminds me of the end of volume pages that are meant to be representative rather than real. Which is fitting considering what's going on.


Nice to see Ysengrin again, if only in this wild(?), but calm, form.

I like this chapter. It's weird, in a good way.


Okay, so two things I'm intrigued by for today's note that "this is the first death for this type of creature":

1) Lana can't be dead. If instead of the Ysengrin/Coyote hybrid of Loup we now have a Lana/Coyote hybrid I... actually I don't know how I feel about that. That seems unlikely though so curious what this really means.
2) I feel like I'm supposed to pick up on who Annie is thinking of here? But I feel like there's too many options due to the various creators of the robots, the arrow, etc. Unless I've forgotten something (and that's very likely) that pointed this out? Possibilities (to me) are Kat, Diego, Jeanne, Robot, but none of them are psychopomps?


The Goggles Do Nothing
Wrong Answer:


Conjecture Answer:

Kat has been earning divine monikers from the robots for years now, this may be the moment Kat actually has to pay some heed to the "spiritual" side of their universe. And Annie is naturally concerned for her friend's... promotion.


Threat Rhyme
Yeah my guess has been Kat (spoiler extending filler text) as well.

Also I was guessing Lana wasn't dead from the start since from the moment Coyote chomps down on her he keeps his mouth closed the entire time until he flies away, I think. Would not be the slightest bit surprised if he spits her back out at the end of all of this.
If Kat has say over how the souls of the former-robots go, she'll probably find a bullshit way to resurrect them and then omg she really is a machine god halp


Just noticed the hypodermic needle and scalpel motifs surrounding her, which likely relates to installing that chip. I think "Kat Goes Too Far" may have been a VERY good title for that chapter.


Threat Rhyme
I always appreciate this comic's ability to throw us an astounding curveball in the middle of an already extreme situation.

Zimmy? Coyote? Nah we talkin robot souls and the world being dead now with a cartoon puff ghost.


Geno Cidecity
oh man fuckin love this song, what a throwback, oh boy here comes the chorus you may want to get your ears a bit farther away from me because I'm gonna belt it