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Threat Rhyme
So hey Gunnerkrigg Court totally still deserves its own thread in this brave new world so here it is!

If you somehow haven't read it before now it's a really neat fantasy comic set at a mysterious school just across from a magical forest where Coyote lives*! It also has some of the best expression panels every and I fully expect to see some future one become someone's user avatar before too long.

Currently it's dealing with some weird wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff with the Norse Fates, but it also re-introduced Brinnie who is just the best. Give it a look! Or, continue to if you already have!

*May no longer be accurate


Lapsed Threadcromancer
I feel too far behind to start on this one now. Same w/ that other comic that was very, very popular here at one point (it had animated pages). Like seeing all of it in front of me I get overwhelmed and then despondent. But, I am glad it exists and that people are enjoying it!
I feel too far behind to start on this one now.
Honestly, it's not nearly as daunting of a proposition as it seems. Lemme put it into perspective by comparing it to say, a weekly manga:

A weekly manga will run typically ~20 pages per chapter every week. But Gunnerkrigg Court only manages 3 pages per week. Even a monthly Western comic manages a pace of ~20 pages per month; Gunnerkrigg Court rates at ~12. So even though this comic has been going on for (*checks watch*) 15 years, the volume of actual comic to read here is quite low. If Gunnerkrigg Court was published in tankobon format, which is usually ~10 chapters/volume, then you'd have about 12 volumes to read though.

Which honestly reads even faster than that, since it's a comic that isn't very heavy on the dialog and goes for long stretches with few or no words to read. When I picked up the comic a few years back because a friend made me read it, it basically only took an afternoon or two to completely read everything.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
Alternatively; each Chapter is about the length of a typical american comic book, and I can read one or two of those in the length of time it takes me to eat a meal.


What's Shenmue?
I feel too far behind to start on this one now. Same w/ that other comic that was very, very popular here at one point (it had animated pages). Like seeing all of it in front of me I get overwhelmed and then despondent.
I was actually in a similar boat to you, having put off Gunnerkrigg Court for years, but a few months ago I was convinced to sit down and go through it all. It's actually not that much of an investment: for a comic of its age, it's not that long (~2300 pages), and it's neatly broken up into short chapters (generally 15 to 30 pages) that make for natural break points. If you're interested, don't let the length intimidate you; it's very manageable and very, very worth it.


commander damage
Gunnerkrigg reads really fast, and honestly, it's far far better to pick up later and read as a continous novel in one go than to do it piecemeal and have to keep going back to reread. he does a ton of call backs and throw forwards and reading it as solid chapters helps it make way more sense.
Speaking of


I'm glad you do firehair, because I sure as hell don't.


Round and round I go
Staff member
But Antimony doesn't have the cut anymore, which can't be a mistake.


stuck in baby prison
But Antimony doesn't have the cut anymore, which can't be a mistake.

That cut tends to only show up in the aether; it's not unreasonable that the tic-toc wouldn't be able to perceive it.

My favorite thing about today's page is, despite the uncanniness of everything happening around them, how pleased the Annies are to see herselves. That one small note of narcissism is extremely Annie.


After having read every new page at the day it came out, I recently started to forget to look for it. So now I'm reading chunks of pages at a time, every two or three weeks. Works well enough.

Also, Kat and her parents are the best, I love them all.
This current page is like, from the first few chapters, right? I really hope bossman draws Kat and Anty in their original janky art style, just to maintain consistency and visual canon.


stuck in baby prison
Am I the only one who finds this chapter unusually boring for GC? After the initial stuff with the Norns, it's just been closing loops and seeing things we've already seen before. I have to assume this is going somewhere, but it's taking quite a few strips to retread old ground.


It's definitely slower, and the stakes are nonexistent.

I think it's just one of those moments where your best bet is to not check the site for a few weeks and then read it all in one shot.


Sort of like how Jones's backstory just felt weird and meandering when read as one page every other day, but was transcendent when read all at once.


Yes, that Russian author.
Coyote > Norns seems to be a pretty significant indicator for the metaphysics of this world. It'll be interesting to see if that comes into play further on.


Geno Cidecity
Yeah looks like we're on a functioning meat farm because the stakes have successfully been raised this inane joke is even less funny in text


Same as I ever was
OK, so what actually just happened in this chapter? I'm super confused.
We learned that all the tic-toc birds were just one bird built by Kat and sent to interact with all the various points in history in which it has appeared, until Coyote broke it, where it grew into the Gillitie side of the ravine and provided the excuse Coyote needed to visit the Court and encounter Annie way back when. It's the part of the time loop where everything that has already happened actually happens.

You can find all its previous appearances listed here.
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