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  1. Kirin

    Comics on Webs

    I guess there isn't a miscellaneous webcomic thread in this incarnation yet? Anyway I thought people might want to know there's a new Octopus Pie story for the first time since 2017 I guess. Pandemic feels abound.
  2. conchobhar

    John Allison's Scary Go Round et al.

    Shamelessly nicked from the Tackleford Wikia I think it's about time that New TT had a thread for the works of John Allison! The complex tapestry of Tackleford can be found HERE, new hotness Steeple can be found HERE, his digital versions of print comics can be found on Comixology HERE, and...
  3. Patrick

    BACK - a webcomic by K. C. Green and Anthony Clark

    Are you reading BACK? If not, now’s the time to start. It’s a comedy adventure from two of the best comic creators out there, and the next update is going to conclude the story. Anyway, the last 8 panels of today’s update blew my socks off. It’s a clever idea, executed perfectly.
  4. MarcAlan

    Devil's Candy - The Horrifying Sweet Treat

    Since we've got threads for two of my other favorite webcomics, I think we need one for Devil's Candy! The art style still amazes me how much detail Rem is able to cram in without it being too busy. And what a story! What
  5. SpoonyBard

    Gunnerkrigg status: Still rad!

    So hey Gunnerkrigg Court totally still deserves its own thread in this brave new world so here it is! If you somehow haven't read it before now it's a really neat fantasy comic set at a mysterious school just across from a magical forest where Coyote lives*! It also has some of the best...