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I legitimately have no idea at this point. Which is why I love this comic, you can't assume a damn thing. Maybe they're all the in the ether right now! Who knows?!

q 3

here to eat fish and erase the universe
At the last minute Annie will split back in two and they'll work together to throw a comically large net over Jerrick


Nope, I think that's Renards body gone. Coyote would do something like this as a joke. Loup is the worst, though, and does this, because he is gross and jealous.

I really don't like this. I mean, I start to get really tired of Loup, because he is such a prick. But I'm also really not into this weird jealousy storyline, and where it might lead. I REALLY hope, this is not the way to awaken Loups humanity and empathy, because the way there will lead over horrible things, that I REALLY don't want to see in this comic.


Yeah, Loup has really gone on too long and I'm getting tired of this. Way too much upheaval and no real payoff, we still haven't even gotten a good explanation for why Annie merged again.