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  1. Falselogic

    Mainlining the Midnight Channel - Persona 4

    I think I'm ready to play Persona 4. Do I play the Golden version or the normal version? Why does Howlongtobeat show that Golden is about 4 hours shorter than the original? What is the best way to go about taking this sort of very long game on, when you have like. A lot going on? Help me...
  2. Second Duke Revier

    Your favorite fake final dungeon

    Among general RPG tropes, this has to be up there. Whether it be chasing after Gestahl and Kefka on the Floating Continent, or rushing to stop the Mammon Machine from summoning Lavos, faking out the player with a purported "last" dungeon only to pull the rug out at the last possible moment is a...
  3. Bongo

    Golden Sun was good all along, vindicating my teen self

    At least, the original duology. I haven't gotten around to Dark Dawn but I think I might do this year, at the rate things are going. So they added Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age to GBA Online recently, and I decided I'd take 'em for a spin. Replaying a childhood favorite could be a...
  4. Solitayre

    Tell me about your RPG Characters

    Tell me about your characters from tabletop games of past and present. I want to know. Tell me all about them.
  5. Second Duke Revier

    Are tri-Ace bad at making wizards?

    So, after playing both Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean 2, I've noticed that both don't have wizard characters do much interesting. In both games, they are faceless nukers that are best used to apply high area wide damage. There's little difference between a Celine and a Leon, or a Nanami and a...
  6. Second Duke Revier

    Freebird Games are pivoting away from adventure games

    Freebird Games, most famous for making To the Moon and generally known for making adventure games in RPG Maker, is pivoting away from them both: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2664600/Last_Hour_of_an_Epic_TO_THE_MOON_RPG/ Any thoughts?
  7. Torzelbaum

    Final Fantasy enemies - can't have a fighing fantasy without some foes

    So from the first Final Fantasy your forces have faced frequent fights with fearsome foes. So what are some of you favorite enemies/monsters from the Final Fantasy series?
  8. Torzelbaum

    Final Fantasy fight "prizes" - bliss after battle

    In Final Fantasy games you will always randomly encounter someone or something that is trying to prevent you from reaching your goals. You are rarely ever given any choice for dealing with the situation other than to fight or flee. If you fight and win you are able to continue on your journey...
  9. Torzelbaum

    Final Fantasy equipment - not everyone can be a monk

    Getting and using different gear has often been a large part of the game play in Final Fantasy games. So what are your favorite Final Fantasy weapons and non-weapon equipment? (These don't necessarily have to be the most powerful or final items in the game.)
  10. Torzelbaum

    Final Fantasy - don't forget about the 2nd part of the title

    I can't remember if we ever discussed this on TT 2 but even if we have that's never stopped us from doing it again here. So there has always been that mix in the Final Fantasy games but the balance of that mix has changed from title to title. So which Final Fantasy is the most fantastic i.e...
  11. Torzelbaum

    Final Fantasy - familiar faces and more

    No "main number" Final Fantasy game has ever been a direct sequel to the previous game but games in the series have included many different recurring elements throughout the years. So what are some of your favorite recurring elements from the series?
  12. Torzelbaum

    Forceful Final Fantasy

    Combat is an integral part of Final Fantasy games. Usually the characters start with some combat ability/strength but not an incredible amount - it's usually just enough to face the weak enemies that first appear. However that strength tends to grow through the course of the game until you can...
  13. Torzelbaum

    Final Fantasy - feeling blue (magic)

    As you can see - the Blue Mage character class is one of our favorite Final Fantasy classes. I think it's easy to see why since it provides for an interesting approach to a magic-using character - both conceptually and mechanically. So what are some of your favorite Blue Magic spells?
  14. Torzelbaum

    Final Fantasy - a question of character

    The first Final Fantasy game did not have unique designs for playable characters since you could give the same class to multiple party members. The second game changed things up by giving each distinct playable character their own design. Every game since then has usually used one of those two...
  15. Torzelbaum

    Final Fantasy Effects (sound that is)

    The Final Fantasy series has iconic music - but what about the other part of the sound experience provided by the games? What are some of your favorite sound effects from the games?
  16. Torzelbaum

    Final Fantasy summons - Carbuncle, I choose you!

    Summoned monsters did not appear in the first 2 Famicom FF games but were introduced in the 3rd and final one. They were also added to the first entry of the series on Super Famicom / NES and have been a staple of the series since then. They just provide so much character and personality to the...
  17. Torzelbaum

    Final Fantasy jobs and classes - preparing for the final interview / exam

    So currently there is a Top 21 list for Numbered Final Fantasy games being ran by Positronic Brain. As companions to that list I will be creating some Final Fantasy discussion threads that I have been wanting to create since TT 2.0 . This is the first of those threads. Now a job, class or job...
  18. dosboot

    Shadowrun games: cyberpunk orcs, mercenary dwarfs, and matrix hacking elves

    I've recently played Shadowrun: Hong Kong and I am currently replaying both it and Shadowrun: Dragonfall, so I think it is on me to create a general thread for the series. Background info: The Shadowrun franchise started life as a popular tabletop role playing game in 1989, being a...
  19. Paul le Fou

    Dungeons and/or Dragons

    Surprised nobody's made a D&D thread yet, so here we are! My friend just ran us a one-shot, and I had a chance to run with a build I've been interested in for a while - I ran a 4 swashbuckler rogue/4 shadow sorcerer. The single-target damage was NUTS. My main weapon was Shadow Blade, from the...