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Tonight I Will Play a Licensed Video Game of Your Choice


Dreaming of better days
(She/her, they/them)
Oh, they make note of that plenty of times in the source. And his mother, whom he inherited it from, actually did play it like a cello. Him swinging it onto his shoulder and playing it as a violin is part of his signature gag.

Yeah, like Zef says, it's kind of a running joke in the original story...also, there are other characters with totally absurd musical instruments. Toward the end of the game, you meet Raiel, a childhood friend of Hamel. He carries around a solid gold piano on his back.

Turns out I was in fact missing a joke. Fair enough!


Summon for hire
This game just looks delightful.

The anime was also made with just enough of a budget to buy a weekly cup of instant ramen, leading to its nickname of "The Slideshow of Hameln."
Zef beat me to it but yeah, the main thing I vaguely remember from watching fansubs of this back in my anime club days was that it was way up there in the running for the title of "least animated anime" along with some bits of Record of Lodoss War and a few other things. (I think half the show's budget must have gone into the OP with it's sweeping cathedral fly-over shot and all that.)


hardcore retro gamin'
Yep, I can vouch for a lot of spots in Record of Lodoss War being poorly animated. Thankfully they pull out more of the stops in the last few episodes.

Johnny Unusual

The manga and anime for Violinist of Hameln are quite different beasts. Both of them have the same general structure--there's a fairly complex and involved backstory connecting the characters and their fantasy world--but while the manga swings wildly from irreverent gags and self-parody to brutal seriousness, the anime decided to go full-on dramatic, excising a lot of the humor and reworking some of the characters' personalities to fit the new tone.
This reminds me of what little I saw of the Black Cat anime vs the manga. The anime (or the first episode) was very black with crazy colors and was full of "grrr" and the manga was just basically Trigun again but bouncier and sillier and not as good. I kinda don't really recommend either.