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The Trailer Thread - Room with a Preview


Summon for hire
I might need to have a Nic Cage day, just to catch up on all the crazy shit he's been making these past few years.

I love that the money quote for this trailer is "THE WILDEST MOVIE I'VE EVER MADE -NIC CAGE". They know the audience they're going for.

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
Yeah, I'm all about that movie.

We've got a Wes Anderson, a Del Toro and a Edgar Wright movie coming out before the end of the year. This is great.

Exposition Owl

Tiny trash thief
If you had asked me to guess which of those last two trailers Tom Waits would be in, I would absolutely have guessed wrong.

I do have to say that I'm pretty tired of "oversexed teenage boy doesn't respect teenage girl's boundaries" as a supposedly romantic plot, though.

Mr Bean

Chief Detective

This is just weird. I mean, the costuming is on point, the supporting cast looks solid (I'm almost always on board for Antonio Bandaras chewing scenery), and it looks like it's going to be a greatest hits of the game's set-pieces, but I just can't wrap my head around Tom Holland as Nate or Mark Wahlberg as Sully. All of the Nate-isms just don't sound quite right coming out of his mouth. I dunno.
It looks like Mark Wahlberg is playing a father escorting his child to go trick or treating in a Nathan Drake costume.


In retrospect, it was an inspired choice to make the first movie a generic road trip buddy comedy which slowly morphs into a silly video game movie that the sequel escalates to pure absurdity. I’m legitimately looking forward to this.



I love all of these Jurassic movies and no amount Crisp Rat fuckery will deter me from this one.



Thanks I hate it

I get the feeling this is the salvaged remains of the Roger Rabbit sequel that got scrapped a while back. Making one of them CG and the other one not is extremely cursed.