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Star Trek: Lower Decks


Yeah, he enjoyed the episode a lot. No idea, if he will continue watching (he is pretty bad about remembering to start watching shows), but he definitely enjoyed it a lot. Great first episode, I think. I did explain a handful of things, like what a Bird of Prey is in this context, but that wouldn't have been necessary, I think. Also, we always talk about stuff while we watch, and he doesn't mind information and spoilers, just so you don't think I lessened his enjoyment, or anything.
Hooray! Glad to know my suggestion worked out.


Fearful asymmetry
Jeffrey Combs played a manipulative, scheming, kinda needy super computer in the last episode I watched, which is a good fit for that actor. At the climax, Boimler actually tricks HIM into opening his battery bay, so he can send a distress signal to Starfleet without giving AGIMUS access to the entire ship. At the end of the episode, the computer is stashed away with a hundred other malevolent machines, like so many antiquated desktops stuffed into the stock room of a Best Buy.

It's funny how this show takes such a "been there, done that" approach to plot devices that must have seemed so clever in the original Star Trek. "Another NOMAD, huh? Just put it in the closet with the other four. And don't confuse it with a logical paradox; we're still rebuilding after that incident from May."


Yeah, one of my favorite motifs on this show is when some grand sci fi nonsense happens and everyone is mostly just annoyed. Ugh, the commander has ascended to vengeful godhood, now we’re gonna be here all day.


Fearful asymmetry
Man, they really laid it all on the table for the season finale of Lower Decks. Action! Drama! Brushes with death, shocking plot twists, and even a cetacean crew! (What is this, Seaquest DSV?) I wasn't expecting the show to get so serious, or raise the stakes this high.

As for dismissing The Animated Series, sorry whoever narrated that, but that ship has sailed. Tons of races from that show have appeared on Lower Decks! I know Gene didn't think it was canon, but he's no longer calling the shots.
and even a cetacean crew! (What is this, Seaquest DSV?)
Fun fact, Cetacean Ops was something from TNG. It was one of the door labels on the Enterprise-D's hallways, and Geordi even name dropped it once in an episode. There are non-canon technical manuals (no technical manuals are canon) made by TNG staffers that have the Enterprise layouts detailing where the ship's dolphins live including specialized life pods, and why they were on the ship to begin with (to help navigation). So it's been a small bit of trivia and speculation among fans for a long time. I'm so glad LDS made it a point to actually go visit the place. It's weird shit scifi shit on TV like this that originally helped made TOS and TNG a sensation to begin with.


Like the Search for Spock homage but love that Rutherford is just jazzed to be there.