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Star Trek: Lower Decks


Rated Ages 6+
(He, Him)
That finale would be an okay place to leave things, I guess, though I want to see how Boimler does on the Titan. They established with the Vancouver that important ships can be an awful place to work, so I'm guessing he'll be back on the Cerritos in an episode or two.
Oh jeez, I hope not. I really hate when a new season resets the status quo.
I want this show to continue for a long, long, time. So they need to do something to bring the cast back together. And reverting to the status quo is a time honored Star Trek tradition!

Mr Bean

Chief Detective
End of season musing:

I wonder if they’re going to pull a reverse Tasha Yar with Shaxx - replace the big gruff alien at security with a lady (Mariner?)


Here’s an interview with McMahan that touches slightly on season two, which is on track for next year.

Biggest takeaway for me is that the Pakleds will be a recurring presence, which I approve of. They’re kind of the perfect villain for this show, in that they’re a small problem that got out of hand because everyone forgot about them once the important ship left.


Finally got to watch the last two episodes. Great finale to a very enjoyable season. And the second-to-last episode was one of the funniest ones that Trek had to offer. I laughed a lot.

Seeing the Pakleds being back was a big WTF-moment. Just great, and it totally fits with the deconstructive nature of this show. I don't remember how the TNG episode with them ended, but I do know that they never appeared again. Having them reappear is cool and really fitting.
I don't remember how the TNG episode with them ended, but I do know that they never appeared again.
In the TNG episode, they tricked them in reverse and got them to eventually surrender. But it was definitely not the last time we saw them. They are always in the background of the promenade in DS9 for example.



Thanks for the info. I don't notice background characters that much, so I'm not too surprised that I just missed them in DS9. Nice!