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star trek

  1. Fredde

    Star Wars vs Star Trek: Let's settle this once and for all

    Scene: Princess Leia talking to Captain Janeway. "So that small badge on your chest, it's a long-range communicator?" "Yes, but not only that, it's also an automatic translator. It immediately translates practically any language that I hear, without me having to do anything. Most of the time I...
  2. SpoonyBard

    Star Trek: Picard - Make It So Engage Earl Grey Hot

    So it was recently announced that Picard seasons 2 and 3 would be filmed back to back starting next year, which I guess considering the pandemic makes sense. So even if season 2 is delayed, season 3 shouldn't have as long a wait. Season 1 also recently came out on Blu-Ray, and I decided to pick...
  3. SpoonyBard

    Star Trek: Discovery - Disco isn't dead

    So Season 3 is hitting on October 15th (geez, already?) and a new trailer is out for it! Non-US folks can see it here. I'm cautiously optimistic, I enjoyed the second season more than the first, despite still having some problems, and the conceit for Season 3 is promising. We'll see what...
  4. Johnny Unusual

    The Human Adventure Continues: Talking About Star Trek

    JBear wanted me to know that I missed reviewing some DS9 episodes. Allow me to rectify. Note that I may have already forgotten a lot of what happens in the episode. Ferengi Love Songs - A decently funny Quark episode. Very much in sitcom meets folktale mode. Decent enough. Soldiers of the...
  5. Isrieri

    Star Trek Blind! -- The Original Series

    I'm roughly 6000 dollars away from finally paying off my student debts, and am basically pushing myself to the limits of sleep and patience with my jobs in order to meet that amount within the next 4 or 5 months. Thus, I have arbitrarily decided I'm gonna watch some Star Trek. I enjoy...