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Spend money on Bandcamp today


For you vinyl people, The Protomen are doing a new small printing of their Act III 10" single. Limited to 500 copies, but it is only two songs. Or just get the two songs for $2.


What's Shenmue?
One of the reasons I always look forward to Bandcamp Friday is that Boris, a Japanese experimental rock/metal band and one of my favourites, has taken the opportunity to do digital re-issues of rarities from their back catalogue— a huge boon when a lot of them were vinyl-only and had rips to match. This month really takes the cake though, with New Album 2009, a never-before-released early and alternate version of one of their previous albums. Exciting stuff for a diehard fan like me!

Not only is it Bandcamp Friday again, but there's a new Godspeed You! Black Emperor album. Today is a good day.
Best music they've made since the reunion.
I came across this banger earlier this week:

and fortuitously, all of The 8-Bit Big Band's albums (including the latest one with Snake Eater) are on Bandcamp, so that's where my money's going this time around.

(Dives into their youtube channel)

Yes. This is good. Thank you.