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Spend money on Bandcamp today


can stop, will stop
Bandcamp Friday is back tomorrow! There's a decent chance that it'll already be tomorrow by the time you read this.

Between the last one and this time, the Mountain Goats have granted my wish from May and rereleased another pair of fantastic old EPs, so I'm gonna pick those up for sure. (For anyone not clicking through, it's Devil in the Shortwave and Jam Eater Blues.) Not sure if there's anything else I want to grab yet.


can stop, will stop
Welp, alongside Epic's devastating layoffs, they've also sold Bandcamp to music licensing/marketing platform Songtradr. Epic's original purchase of Bandcamp had no visible effect so there's a chance this will also be fine, but it still makes me nervous.

On the upside though, the scheduled Bandcamp Fridays are still very much happening, including next week! October 6th is the next day to give 100% of your purchase directly to the artists.