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Hmm since we're seeing all this machine/human hybrid stuff today I'm guessing whatever happened to this person is what Zimmy is afraid will happen to her and/or what Kat will do. I'm assuming Kat is the girl who affects the predictions, but could be Annie or Zimmy or someone else entirely I suppose.

Also (since even I forget sometimes) Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, Zeta is early in the alphabet. Doesn't necessarily mean they were named to imply order but makes me less confident what their connection is.
I'm assuming Kat is the girl who affects the predictions, but
It's gotta be Annie, right?

The whole Omega nonsense in the court to date has been described as the Court wanting to predict the future with a machine, but the existence of the Ether stops that plan from ever becoming viable, since the Ether is completely unpredictable and interferes with a deterministic reading of the universe. That's why the court is trying to relocate to begin with - they want to leave a planet where the Ether gets in the way of their machinations/plans for crafting a perfect society via reading the future.

Kat is the science busybody who does/sees everything through a scientific perspective. What she does isn't inherently going to throw their prediction models off, because it all still fundamentally obeys the laws of physics. Annie on the other hand, is not just an Ether-sensitive person, and not just part fire spirit or whatever. She also is a nexus for all these Ether-related events that keep happening. All of the Coyote/Loup nonsense is not her "fault" per say, but she certainly is the inspiration for all the ether-business in the forest to keep interacting with the Court.