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Yes, that Russian author.
There is absolutely no chance that this entire thing wasn’t exactly what Coyote planned all along
This is fair, but it also doesn't mean Coyote is back just yet. Remember we saw a fleeting memory of Coyote previously, post-emergence of Loup.
I'm not sure Coyote "plans" things to any great extent. He lays the seeds and has some ideas how they will grow, but doesn't know which seed will grow in what direction. That's why he's so entertained when things go certain ways, it's as much a surprise to him as it is the rest of the characters.


excused from moderation duty
Staff member
Coyote pulling a fast one on everybody and Coyote owning himself and eating shit are two common motifs in authentic Coyote stories.


Enby as hell.
Boy I sure didn't realize how much I missed Coyote! I guess I'm going to miss him again soon, but I'm enjoying this while it lasts!


Oh god, yes. I love seeing him again.

Also, is the Court trying to get rid of imagination, or what is mr. Jerkface's plan?

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
Well the entire courts been under siege by a berserk wood-dog-god for months now.

I imagine it’s stuff like that that bugs them


I can't get something out of my head, from a last panel. "Failed cousin"? Does that mean, the three dogs were created by the Court? And this guy is jealous, because he couldn't become another mythological dog, like the other three?

I feel like these two pages gave us a lot of world building info, even if it's very ukclear, what any of it means.

Paul le Fou

Pickle Bus Owns Tulip Town
"Failed Cousin" is particularly tantalizing, not least because it's one of the very few references we have to that character's past/nature/anything at all, and what it says about the Court. Plus that he can enter and commune in the aether. His very Buddha/Bodhisattva-like appearance is emphasized a lot more there too, which makes me wonder as well.

If the forest features chaotic nature gods, primal and tricky, and the Court is a place of rigid science and planning, I wonder if they're trying to reach a kind of enlightenment, rise above something. Maybe they're trying to sever the aether or seal off magic or something, but so much of their science is practically magical in the first place...


Because Coyote is a massive asshole. Even if he is telling the truth here. P.sure firehead will find another way, but if she don't good riddance.
Oh, it's not the idea of having Annie kill Coyote I was sad about (I mean, that's a dick move, no question). I just enjoy Coyotes presence, and don't want him gone forever.

He is a jerk, no question, but I find him to be a very enjoyable jerk.