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Enby as hell.
There's zero news about the next Sonic game on the horizon but that doesn't mean we don't need a thread!

To tide you over, here's a trailer for the upcoming NiGHTS-ish game by Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima that actually looks pretty interesting.


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Alex (age 9 1/2) insisted that I watch the Sonic Movie and I did it out of fatherly love and ended up really enjoying it.

They made a good sonic movie I don't know how


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
I can’t remember, did we ever discuss Sonic Robo Blast 2 on the old forums?

Also SAGE 20th:

Sonic fans are DEDICATED.
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AO Tennis no Kiseki
Worth mentioning that SRB2Kart is an utterly fantastic kart racer. Way better than it deserves to be, and I'm really glad that Sega didn't cease and desist it, despite it releasing so close to Team Sonic Racing.

Absolutely crazy to finally hear the full version, had no idea that the version on the compilation album over a decade ago was cut short.


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
You guys need to stop jumping the Gun is all I'm sayin.

The post count resets have gotten everyone antsy. I’ve posted more so far than a lot of formerly heavy posters so everything seems all topsy turvy.




Geno Cidecity
I played chao adventure for like the first time ever!

Well, kind of. The problem is that the VMU I was using had, in retrospect, a battery cover that was out-of-shape, causing the batteries to not be held well inside the device -- so the thing would regularly reset. Chao Adventure is basically designed to run constantly while the device has battery power, and doesn't actually save game state at any point, so I could not actually use it to train my chao.

While I recognized the clear fix for this too late -- use the battery cover from the VMU lemon that I tried but failed to get working earlier (console doesn't recognize it for some reason) which is still the right shape -- I stumbled upon a different solution that might actually be a little bit better, the VMU emulator built into Dream Explorer, a VMU-related tool that is also useful for changing icon, color, etc. without having to reset the device. It's a little clunky but works well, and you can actually use the VMU screen (though the VMU sound doesn't work, only available through the TV) to play the VMU game, and most importantly you don't need CR2032 batteries. It also saves your state to the VMU when you're done, which is nice, though I don't know why the VMU doesn't do that normally.

There's probably something lost with the minigame not running in effectively real-time, but I don't mind since this is mostly something I'm doing to bulk my chao up in order to get those race emblems. My understanding is that the predefined spots where your chao relaxes, plays with a beach ball, etc. serve as a sort of indefinite pause function for that specific purpose anyway.


Geno Cidecity
Also I bought one of these and I have no regrets in doing so (display piece, as I've got no record player), though they're sold out now:


Back when I played Sonic Adventure a million years ago, I was able to win all (4?) races, by just letting the Chao interact with animals that where good at whatever the track demanded - monkeys for climbing, pengiuns for swimming. This might be somewhat of on the details, I have no idea if there was an actual swimming race track. But my point is, I won these races without ever training the Chao via the VMU.

The problem was the final race, which combined the other ones into a big race, which meant that my Chao would have needed to be good in all disciplins. No matter which animals I brought, it didn't work out. I had no VMU, so there was nothing I could do.

This is the story of me getting all but one, single emblem in Sonic Adventure.


Geno Cidecity
This is the story of me getting all but one, single emblem in Sonic Adventure.

VMU training isn't actually necessary to my knowledge -- because you can just keep doing that, feeding your chao more and more animals until it becomes an unstoppable racing machine. It has one important advantage over just working in the garden in that you can actually see what the specific stats for each category (run, swim, power, fly) are in it, whereas the GC and later ports just show them right there in the garden.


That doesn't sound right? My chao was great at climbing, qfter cuddling with fiting animals. But after letting him meeat other animals, he got better at other stuff and became a very slow climber. I assumed there was a certain number of points to distribute via animals, and which can be increased vis VMU training. But I didn't have the internet back then, so no idea if it is actually that way. You might be right too, it's too long to know.

I do remember using a black Chao, which was from the getgo better than the standard one? I think? From an egg inside one of the shops?

I really liked the hubworld. Lots of things to find in there.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
Opted to reply Sonic Forces.

I love how completely all over the place this games tone is; it's like asking a six year old to pitch a Grim and Gritty Sonic the Hedgehog game.