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  1. Aurelia

    Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers (free sequel to srb2kart, doom based sonic & sega kart racing game) [PC, Mac & Linux]

    Really gone back and forth on this game for the last week or two, which is probably a sign that it's really good. Tutorial kinda sucks, but the game itself, especially in multiplayer is enough to make up for it. Tons of fun, and I've put probably 20+ hours into it in the last week? The fact...
  2. Yimothy

    Obscure, Unloved SMS Games

    The Sega Master System was the console of my childhood, and occupies for me the same place that the NES does for a lot of tyrants my age. I made a thread on the previous version of TT with a similar title to this one, and now it's back. Here's some of what I had to say last time: The game...
  3. Fyonn

    Shenmue: Maybe The World's Only 80s Adventure Simulator

    So, as all my threads seem to start, I recently bought one of those nice Retro Fighters Dreamcast controllers because my existing Dreamcast controller wasn't doing so hot. And for that matter, neither was my Dreamcast, so I ended up getting a GDemu to replace the G-Drive. Naturally, the best...
  4. Riot.EXE

    HIS REAL NAME IS "FREDERICK!?!": The Guilty Gear Series Thread...

    HEAVEN OR HELL! Swords and ideals will clash again on the battlefield April 9th, as GUILTY GEAR STRIVE drops! Are you excited for it? What about the other games in the series? All started on the ol' PS1 as one of those few "actually decent 2D fighting games" on the console, since those tended to...
  5. Kishi

    Sonic the Hedgehog OVA soundtrack unofficially released after 24 years

    In 1996, anime maker Studio Pierrot produced a two-episode Sonic the Hedgehog OVA. It was released outside Japan in 1999, most likely to capitalize on the release of the Dreamcast game Sonic Adventure. The OVA is known for the song "Look-Alike," sung by Riyu Konaka, but no soundtrack or even a...
  6. Kishi

    Streets of Rage 4

    After two decades' worth of false starts and declined pitches, it's still amazing that this game finally gets to exist. Perhaps it's even for the best that it took this long, as the developers it landed with seem to understand and care about what makes a success in the now-niche field of...
  7. locit

    Gotta Go Fast: the Obligatory Sonic the Hedgehog Thread!

    There's zero news about the next Sonic game on the horizon but that doesn't mean we don't need a thread! To tide you over, here's a trailer for the upcoming NiGHTS-ish game by Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima that actually looks pretty interesting.
  8. Juno

    Like A Dragon: Talking about the Yakuza series

    A few weeks ago the entire Yakuza series was on sale on PSN so I bought Yakuza 2-6 and plan to go through them all over the next couple months. I already played Kiwami 1 and Zero, and while Kiwami was good, I was especially into Zero- one of the best games of the previous decade. I just started...
  9. Peklo

    Sonic and his wonderful friends - talking about Sonic Adventure

    Just this week I acquired a Dreamcast, and have finally begun making some headway into a corner of video game history that I briefly intersected with when I was younger and only observed from afar thereafter, until now. Then as now, Sonic Adventure appears as the natural choice in learning the...
  10. Bongo

    Surely this will be the year of Skies of Arcadia HD

    It is reported that Sega, after seeing unexpectedly high sales of older games on Steam (notably Persona 4 Golden), will "aggressively" port games from their back catalog to PC. You know what that means!