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Drawing Lots and Lots of Little Pictures- A Cartoon Thread

Since I suspect a lot of the original cartoon wouldn't hold up for me, I'm not super excited but its nice that the pleasant old actors get to hang out with each other. Also, Jess Harnell looks like he's Weird Al's stunt double.

Urgh, I think this looks bad to be honest. Something about that rubbery animation style doesn't worked transposed to clean digital graphics. And I'm not sure I could tolerate a show consisting entirely smug meta-gags these days.

I loved the original show so I am 100% in for this reboot. I don't have Hulu but there's probably a free trial or something. Glad all the new episodes come out at once, sounds like a good thing to watch over the long Thanksgiving weekend!


Find Your Reason

I'm ultra-maximum hyped for Onyx Equinox. It has a chingo of Latinx talent (particularly Mex talent, natch) and it oozes care and attention to the myths and legends. Yeah, it appears to be "Avatar, but Mesoamerican", at least on the surface, but even if it were exactly that to the core I'd still have zero complaints with such a concept.

I have no idea if Crunchy will drop the whole thing tomorrow, or if it'll be weekly episodes, but man, if it's the former, it'll be hard not to binge it in one go.


dirtbag lesbian
That looks great Zef. Tell us how it is (if I don't get to see it first).

I'm nine episodes into Animaniacs and it's super weird. It's just the Warners plus Ralph and Pinky and The Brain until near the end of the eighth episode, barring one segment about how all the other old segments are gone. I'd say impressions are overall good; for the most part it feels like a very distilled version of the old show, but separating the wheat from the chaff kinda makes you realize how little wheat there is (read: like 80% of the Warners' segments have songs in them, because the original show had about two dozen musical numbers, of which you remember about two).

Also: pretty much any time they try to reference pop culture from after the show was made, it whiffs super hard. Pinky rushes into a dragon's lair and yells "Leeroy Jenkins." One episode has a scene at a fidget spinner factory. Pinky and the Brain talk about deadmau5 (twice). They straight-up tell us in the first episode that the show was written in 2018 and they have no idea what's going to be on everyone's mind (except for the election, a well that they go back to with startling regularity), but maybe in that case they shouldn't try to guess.

I think I like it more than the original show, it's just thin.

Best line: "And get me a new coffee! With mayonnaise! And add some canned ham! This is the fifties!"


dirtbag lesbian
Okay, just got to the episode with their weird Russian counterparts and Venezuelan Price is Right is a hilariously dark joke.
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