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Drawing Lots and Lots of Little Pictures- A Cartoon Thread


Since I suspect a lot of the original cartoon wouldn't hold up for me, I'm not super excited but its nice that the pleasant old actors get to hang out with each other. Also, Jess Harnell looks like he's Weird Al's stunt double.

Urgh, I think this looks bad to be honest. Something about that rubbery animation style doesn't worked transposed to clean digital graphics. And I'm not sure I could tolerate a show consisting entirely smug meta-gags these days.

I loved the original show so I am 100% in for this reboot. I don't have Hulu but there's probably a free trial or something. Glad all the new episodes come out at once, sounds like a good thing to watch over the long Thanksgiving weekend!


Find Your Reason

I'm ultra-maximum hyped for Onyx Equinox. It has a chingo of Latinx talent (particularly Mex talent, natch) and it oozes care and attention to the myths and legends. Yeah, it appears to be "Avatar, but Mesoamerican", at least on the surface, but even if it were exactly that to the core I'd still have zero complaints with such a concept.

I have no idea if Crunchy will drop the whole thing tomorrow, or if it'll be weekly episodes, but man, if it's the former, it'll be hard not to binge it in one go.


That looks great Zef. Tell us how it is (if I don't get to see it first).

I'm nine episodes into Animaniacs and it's super weird. It's just the Warners plus Ralph and Pinky and The Brain until near the end of the eighth episode, barring one segment about how all the other old segments are gone. I'd say impressions are overall good; for the most part it feels like a very distilled version of the old show, but separating the wheat from the chaff kinda makes you realize how little wheat there is (read: like 80% of the Warners' segments have songs in them, because the original show had about two dozen musical numbers, of which you remember about two).

Also: pretty much any time they try to reference pop culture from after the show was made, it whiffs super hard. Pinky rushes into a dragon's lair and yells "Leeroy Jenkins." One episode has a scene at a fidget spinner factory. Pinky and the Brain talk about deadmau5 (twice). They straight-up tell us in the first episode that the show was written in 2018 and they have no idea what's going to be on everyone's mind (except for the election, a well that they go back to with startling regularity), but maybe in that case they shouldn't try to guess.

I think I like it more than the original show, it's just thin.

Best line: "And get me a new coffee! With mayonnaise! And add some canned ham! This is the fifties!"


Okay, just got to the episode with their weird Russian counterparts and Venezuelan Price is Right is a hilariously dark joke.
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R.R. Bigman

Coolest Guy
King of the Hill is quite good. It may even be very good! All those youtube clips I've seen over the years were on to something!

I just watched an episode about Nascar and fans wanting crashes, with Special Guest Dale Earnhardt. It was an early one so Sr., not Jr. It was uncomfortable. Not quite as uniquely uncomfortable as the scene in Mighty Ducks when Emilio Estevez is teaching the kids, including a young Jussie Smollet, how to fake being hurt, but it's something.

R.R. Bigman

Coolest Guy
"Allegedly", Jussie Smollett faked being a victim of a hate crime to further his own career.

I should probably also mention how the kid who plays Coach Gordon, Emilio's character, in the opening flashback went on to create Bitcoin.


Wow, it took me way too long to find this thread. No idea if this is my fault, I'm bad at this, sometimes.

Anyway, I'm watching Kid Cosmic, and it's really fun. Powerful rings fall to earth, to a desert place in the middle of nowhere, where a kid finds them. He and his family (including the cat), get the rings, and use them to defend the earth from the invaders who want to take the rings.

It's fun, and I like the artstyle. Also, there is a cat. It's also short, with one season of ten episodes. Also has more continuity than one might expect.


It took me one or two episodes to get into it, but that might be just that I needed to adjust to it. But it got really enjoyable, the mood is pretty chill (I think due to the artstyle). That artstyle is also in some way inspired by old superhero comics.

I feel like I want to say more, but can't really express anything. Strange. Anyway, it's nice.

Edit: Just realized that it's from Craig McCracken, who also did Powerpuff Girls, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends and Wander Over Yonder. And it's also from Lauren Faust, who started the excellent My Little Pony: FIM cartoon.
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Not bad, but when I watched the whole show, a few years back, I found the characters becoming broader at the end. And the show made Hank more and more into the guy, who is always right, instead of making fun of him too.

I only watched the show one time, and it's been s few years already, so my memory might not be quite accurate. But I'm sure it never got actively bad.

Mr. Sensible

Pitch and Putt Duffer
Does King of the Hill ever get bad like The Simpsons does after season 8?
It became incredibly formulaic (Hank commits some unintentional social faux pas and/or suffers a light indignity, then later resolves the problem with his trademark brand of common-sense/conservative Texan values).

R.R. Bigman

Coolest Guy
It became incredibly formulaic (Hank commits some unintentional social faux pas and/or suffers a light indignity, then later resolves the problem with his trademark brand of common-sense/conservative Texan values).
That still sounds much better than post 2000’s Simpsons’ mix of lazy celebrity guest episode, Homer gets a new job/discovers new talent, and outdated “current” event commentary/parody, all done with an unsettling amount of mean-spiritedness.

I think King of the Hill might be a better TV show than The Simpsons just looking at averages.


Been watching Cleopatra in Space on and off. It's a lot of fun but the characterization is all over the place. Is Cleo a fuckup who can't do anything right or is she the most talented and popular person at PYRAMID? You can't do both!

Also, wish it was gayer.

Johnny Unusual

Trailer for Luca if anyone is interested.

Not a lot to say, except the animation is very pretty as always and I always like a big guy who a mustache and no eyes.


I was digging it up until they revealed the gimmick. I'd like a version that's just kids going on a summer adventure.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
Been watching Solar Opposites since it showed up on Disney + in Canada (yet Owl House still has not...), and yes, it’s very much leaning on Rick and Morty in nearly every capacity.


The only two areas in which it is not leaning on Rick and Morty is that it’s riffing on the likes of Invader Zim and The Munsters, instead of Doctor Who and BttF. And more importantly; everyone on the show likes each other. Dan Harmon has nothing to do with the show and it lacks the outright misanthropy that defines all his work.

Even the Rick analog, the alien who introduces each episode talking about how much he hates Earth and everything on it is, at worst, a curmudgeon and is desperate for everyone to like him.

Also, terrible internet people have yet to poison the show by association. It’s win-win!


Yeah, I rewatched the first three Rick and Morty seasons with husband, having a great time and wondering why I fell off from the show. And then this happened:

“Am I... evil?”
“Worse. You’re smart.”

And I was like oh right there it is.


Summon for hire
It's kind of weird, my partner tried to show me some random Rick and Morty and I bounced off it real quick because it's just too relentlessly mean to be any fun. But then she got me into Community, which is *also* created and written by Dan Harmon, and *that* one stuck. I mean sure they sometimes get mean in the moment but in the end the main cast all basically support each other. I dunno, for whatever reason the latter works for me while the former just completely doesn't. I guess this isn't really the right thread for this topic though...


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
I saw most of the "Pickle Rick" episode a few years back, my first non-commercial look at Rick and Morty. Just...ew. Really, it just reminded me why I've largely fallen off of a lot of adult animation: Gross shock value stuff with a big emphasis on maturity through horrible violence and bad words instead of actually being mature.

I'm pretty much over the "Look at the quirky asshole(s)" stuff that makes up so much of the adult animation landscape.


I really liked that first season* of Rick & Morty during the many high points where it was simultaneously creating high-concept sci-fi stories and also taking the piss out of them, but then somewhere in that second season it started doing less and less of those and instead turned into "bad meme grandpa's always right" and I fell right off.

*except for that godawful ones that just uses aliens to explore "ha ha, women are different from men!"

Exposition Owl

Owl of the not-so-wild
a big emphasis on maturity through horrible violence and bad words instead of actually being mature.

Ugh, that kind of thing drives me up a wall. It’s like when the Dudes on the Internet years ago said that they wanted a “mature” Zelda game, by which they meant a grimdark Zelda game with lots of gore and bare breasts. By “mature” they don’t mean adult—they mean adolescent.