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Comics Are Awesome! Great Moments in Sequential Storytelling (2020 - )

Octopus Prime

If there’s anyone I would trust with Not Brand Eech, it would be Davis.

That being said, the review blurbs on that cover did get a chuckle out of me
I want it to be true. He also did a Giant Size X-Men #1 homage cover three issues later for Excalibur #45. This seems within the same general approach. (It's a homage, but a loose one, not 1:1 recreation with new characters plugged into the exact same poses...)



Power is fleeting, love is eternal
Another entry in "The Phantom says trans rights": This panel is from a 1972 Swedish Phantom comic. The dialogue is: "At least tell us if you're a man or a woman?" "When you're 400 years old it doesn't matter."

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Power is fleeting, love is eternal
It's not the best image quality, but I though you might enjoy seeing The Red Tornado, the Golden Age, crossdressing superhero*, beating up a room full of cops:


*There are at least two different Golden Age crossdressing superheroes, but I haven't read much of the other, Madame Fatal.