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Mr Bean

Chief Detective
It’s been very odd to see my hometown team - who for most of my life has been exceptionally mediocre- become the villains of the league.


Baseball is best when there are villains. We've now had 6 years in a row of either the Astros or the Dodgers (or both) in the World Series.
there's only like three players from 2017 left on the roster anyway lol. the ones left i don't like (gurriel is ok), but it's hard for me to feel too much ire about the cheating stuff anymore
It’s been very odd to see my hometown team - who for most of my life has been exceptionally mediocre- become the villains of the league.
For Juno and me it's not just villains. From the second the Astros came to the AL, even when they were tanking, they made our lives miserable. The shittiest part is Astros fans being still so insecure that they need to troll M's fans on social media every time the Astros do anything, even though Houston wins all the time and Seattle rarely does. It's fucking weird.


The DRKest Roe
(He, Him)
The Astros fanbase has this weird complex about themselves where they think they're the Yankees and have always been a winning franchise (many of the fans aren't probably very aware of how about 10 years ago they had 3 consecutive seasons of 100 losses because they only started following the team closely after they got good in the middle of last decade), yet they seem to believe everyone thinks they're a perpetually failing franchise and after every win are desperate to scream about how they've proven the haters wrong.

Hell, after the cheating scandal broke, that was the first track that the players took when talking go the media about it, they were moaning about how everyone thinks they only won because of the trash can shit and they're taking this as motivation to set the record straight.

Would love to see how they'd react to a stretch of, say, 5 seasons without a playoff appearance, they'd tear themselves to pieces.
yea the astros were the specific team that brought the argument of tanking in the MLB to light. Bottom three in payroll every year from 2012-2016, the majority of that being very last.
Also Philadelphia now has the dubious distinction of being the first U.S. city to lose two championships on the same day (MLB and MLS).
already had plenty of critics, feel like this isn't going to help in that regard. very funny though, mets at giants is gonna be must watch baseball


Don't know if any of you watched the World Baseball Classic this year, but it was incredible. Blowouts, comebacks, nailbiters, home run grabs, a combined perfect game, and Shohei Ohtani just struck out Mike Trout in the 9th inning of the final to lead Japan over USA 3-2. The regular season is honestly going to be a letdown now.
I have a feeling opposing fans counting down the pitch clock at James Kerinchak is going to become a regular thing.


Summon for hire
Aw, I haven’t paid attention to baseball in decades but the Cards were my team growing up.


Only saw the Blue Jays / Cards game in highlights, but seems like it was a wild one! Glad the Jays won!


The pitch clock is way more effective than even I thought it would be. The Blue Jays and Royals just finished a 2 hour 38 minute game where 14 totals runs scored off 20 total hits. Granted, they didn't play the bottom of the ninth, but I gotta think a game like that would have been 20-45 minutes longer last year. It's awesome.


Geno Cidecity
I mean we've got a minor league team in our city and we get lots of tickets due to promotions with the grocery store, so we were pretty confident here that the pitch clock would be a good change for MLB since it's picked up the pace of the minor league games compared to how it was when we went to games when I was a kid (my mother always joked she was terrible luck because the games we attended always went on forever, but I think that's just the nature of baseball, or rather was)


Slam Master
(he, etc.)
I cannot say I would've predicted the Brewers giving an absolute shelling to Scherzer, but I'm here for it.
Mariners fans everywhere breathe a sigh of relief as Drew Smyly and Tucker Barnhart bumblefuck a bloop single from David Peralta to keep Felix as the most recent pitcher to throw a perfect game.