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30 for 50: Celebrating Five Years of Listings


Let's 90s gaming
Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro were my #1. They didn't place, unfortunately, but they're the most fascinating pair of protagonists I've encountered in my (admittedly small) experience with detective fiction.

Magnet Man was my #1 Robot Master, because I compiled my list by how much I liked each one's stage music.


Red After Image
(he / his / him)
I think this was one of the only times my #1 (Flavia de Luce) did not place, lol. Great series of mysteries!


Let's 90s gaming
#28: Coming Up Next, it’s the Top 50 Mythical Creatures
Ran from January 1st, 2020 to February 13th, 2020
Host: Ixo
Top Allegorical Critter: Dragons

Ixo ran the whole list as Steve Irwin, because they're just that dedicated.

Selected Entry:

#25: Anansi
65 points • 3 mentions • Highest rank: #11 (Johnny Unusual)​

"Anansi, a masta storytella. Originally from here in West Africa, stories of his cunnin' spread through Africa an' inta the Carribean cementin' his place as a folktale hero. He prizes wisdom, and of'en uses 'is wit to get outa tricky situations, usin' those skills t'out wit op'ressors. It's those traits that make 'im a celebrated symbol of slave resistance and survival. 'nansi was the first t'buy all the stories from Nyame, the Sky-God. Earth had none at the time, and our cleva spider was dead set on fixin' that. Nyame, bein' a bit big for 'is britches, entatained Anansi's offer, but set up a mighty tall orda in the hopes that he would fail. The price for all the Sky-God's stories was capturin' four of the most dangerous creatures in the world: Onini the Python, the Mmoboro Hornets, Osebo the Leopard, and the Fairy Mmoatia. Anansi was so sure of 'imself that he added one more t'the list: his own motha, Ya Nsia!"

Spider Story: Onini the Python
0 points • 0 mentions • Highest rank: DNR​

"So 'nansi does th'sensible thing and asks 'is family fer advice. 'is wife had a plan: take a palm branch an' some vines to the riva by Onini's home. The couple then started a 'uge mock debate ova how long they thought Onini was. All this ruckus got the attention of the pythin who came 'round to see what all the fuss's about. 'nansi told Onini "M'wife thinks you're not as long as a branch from a palm tree, an' I think she's wrong." Wantin' t'help solve this marital spat, Onini offas t'stretch out by the branch an' see how he measas up. Of course, cleva spida wastes no time in usin' those vines (an' 'is eight legs) to tie Onini t'the branch, then cartin'm off t'Nyame's place."

Spider Story: The Mmoboro Hornets
0 points • 0 mentions • Highest rank: DNR​

"Afta celebratin' a bit, 'nansi heads back 'ome, and plots with 'is wife sommore about how t'catch some hornets. He takes her advice, fillin' up a gourd with wata, an' headin' out toward the bushes where they like t'hang 'round. Once 'e arrived, 'nansi splashed some wata on himself, on a giant banana leaf, then crept up behind the hornets and doused 'em. Oooooh boy, did those hornets get MAD. When they came afta him, Anansi pointed t'his wet leaf an' explained "No, no. Settle down mates. It's been rainin'! And I know how dang'rous rainstorms can get. Why not stay in m'gourd for a while until the storm passes?" So the hornets, findin' the offa gen'rous, flew right on in. Once the last'n had settled in, cleva spida popped a cork in the openin' and took it straight t'Nyame."

Spider Story: Osebo the Le*pard
0 points • 0 mentions • Highest rank: DNR​

"Feelin' ratha proud of 'imself at this point, 'nansi returns home to talk with 'is wife about what t'do 'bout Osebo the Le*pard with her. As soon as she told 'im t'dig a big hole n' cover it, 'nansi instant'ly undastood what t'do. He made 'is way to th'big cat's stompin' grounds, dug t'hole, cova'd it all up, then went back home for the evenin'. Sure enough, in th'darkness of night, Osebo fell right'n."
"The next mornin', 'nansi came 'round t'the hole and put on the best sympathetic face he could musta. "Osebo! Lookit you! How'd you get stuck'n that hole mate? You been out gettin' hamma'd? Y'know I've warned you about that. Mate, I'd love t'get you out that hole, but I'm pretty sure y'd eat me aftaward." After some convincin', Osebo swore there'd be no eatin', so 'nansi went to fetch 'is knife, usin' it to cut n' carve two poles. Once the poles were lowa'd, he asked the le*pard t'stretch out 'is arms niiiiice n' wiiiiide to climb up th'poles. Right after the climb began, 'nansi picked up 'is knife and tossed it, hard as 'e could, beanin' Osebo 'tween the eyes and sendin' 'im down fer the count. All it took then was some additional sticks fer ladder rungs, and bob's yer uncle, cleva spida climbed inta the pit, and drug the unconcious le*pard right t'the Sky-God."

Spider Story: Mmoatia the Fairy
0 points • 0 mentions • Highest rank: DNR​

"With three of the four requested prizes unda 'is belt, Anansi brainstorm'd a bit. He ca'ved 'imself up an Akua doll an' slatha'd it with sticky gum tree sap. Afta rigg'n up the doll like a puppet setting, he placed mashed yams both innit's hands and in a small basket. Then he set off t'fairy hunt."
"Leanin' the doll with it's basket against an' Odum tree, 'nansi hid close by. Soon enough, a wanderin' Mmoatia took the bait! Thinkin' the doll a human, she asked it for some yams. 'nansi pulled the strings, and the doll nodded. Elated, Mmoatia ran off to OK'd it with her sistas. When they gave the go ahead, she hurried back an' helped herself, thankin' the doll afta. But the doll didn't move: Very rude to not acknol'ige a thank you. Mmoatia went away grumpy, and asked her sistas for advice. "What bad mannas! Give 'er a good slap!" So she did. And she stuck. Th'more she slapped, th'more she stuck until cleva spida emerged t'take her to the Sky-God. Afta roundin' up his Mum anyway."

"Nyame was absolutely none too pleased, but afta callin' his eldas and talkin' it ova, he gave 'is blessins and stories, to our cleva cleva spida. Nyame then declared that the Sky-God's stories would belong t'Anansi, an' all of 'em would be renamed Spida Stories. ....alright Mate, how was that'n?"

(The camera pans back and spins 180 to reveal Steve upside down, stuck in a giant spiderweb. It's obvious he's been up there for a good while. It pans over to show Anansi, sitting in a director's chair. He's dressed in a bespoke eight-legged nwentoma three piece suit, and a baret because he thinks it gives him more auteur cred. There's a pause, and then Anansi speaks.)

"You know, your delivery was very good this time. But I'm not sure you put enough passion in it! Story telling is important and I want it to be perfect for the show! Start from the beginning again, and let me really feel your emotions!"

Long post to set up the gag. Thanks for sticking with all that. But holy moley relating African folktales via Australian accent made my brain hurt in new and interesting ways. Gah.


It's always time for burgers
Staff member
A very entertaining list, by jove! (that's what he said, right?)


Let's 90s gaming
#29: Get Your Popcorn And Find Your Seat For TT’s Top 50 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movies
Ran from March 2nd, 2020 to April 9th, 2020
Host: Issun
Top Nerd Flick: Lord of the Rings

Selected Entry:


Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi
2017 Dir.: Rian Johnson
218 Points, 8 Votes, Highest Vote: #1 (Daikaiju), Rotten Tomatoes Score: 91%

Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to.

Where the first Star Wars film is universally beloved, this one was, perhaps, the most divisive. The prequels had some things to recommend them, but by and large they were massive disappointments. Then, in 2015, The Force Awakens returned the series to its roots, and most fans were overjoyed, and J.J. Abrams once again proved that he's really good at getting a series going. For the next film, auteur director Rian Johnson was tapped. A lot of people were unsure, as his two most well known previous films were Brick, an indie mystery thriller, and of course, Looper. Some fans were worried that this movie would be a very different type of Star Wars film, while others were excited to see what a fresh take might look like. They were both right, and wrong. The Last Jedi is a refreshing take on the franchise, but it is still, undeniably, a Star Wars film.

After the events of The Force Awakens, the Resistance fleet, led by General Leia, is on the run from First Order ships, while Rey confronts Luke Skywalker on his cliffside hideaway in order to bring him back to help the Resistance. Both situations turn around fairly quickly. The First Order has figured out how to track a vessel through hyperspace, and Luke wants no part of the Resistance or the Jedi. Much of the film is resolving these two threads, and culminating in some of the finest action setpieces the franchise has ever seen.

Upon rewatching this movie, I noticed so much I'd missed the first time around. Johnson's use of lighting and color is masterful, the dichotomy between Rey and Ben is at its height, and it is perfectly paced (whether you think Canto Bight was worth the thematic payoff or not is your call). So why all the hate? Well, there are a lot of fans that just didn't like the direction it took. J.J. Abrams is all about teasing you with mysteries he may or may not intend to solve (disclaimer: Lost is my favorite show). Rian Johnson prefers mysteries for the sake of themes, be it Looper, Knives Out or The Last Jedi. I, for one, loved a couple of his curve balls, one in particular, but a lot of people felt cheated, perhaps. It's also very different in tone. But there is another reason. Even though Lucas is (or was) pretty progressive, that ideology was never as on display as it was here. Neckbeards got mad. And they decided that Laura Dern's character was dumb poohead SJW propaganda and that Kelly Marie Tran deserved to be hounded off social media and made to fear for her life. Fandoms are toxic, nerd fandoms especially so, and the dark side of Star Wars fandom was on full display.

However, The Last Jedi showing up high on this list shouldn't be too much of a surprise. It was always much better received on Talking Time than in the darker holes of the internet. What happened with Rise of Skywalker, especially in relation to this film, has already taken up a major portion of that particular thread here, so I'll leave that alone. The Last Jedi, though, really does deserve to be respected as one of the finest entries in the world's biggest film franchise.



It's always time for burgers
Staff member
I was surprised this one didn’t go to Back to the Future


Summon for hire
Well it did make the list, though I don't remember at what rank.

My top picks were Princess Bride, Labyrinth, and Pacific Rim, mostly on the strength of their impacts on my life personally, but they're all excellent films.


Let's 90s gaming
I was surprised this one didn’t go to Back to the Future

I chose Last Jedi because I wasn't expecting to have much to say about it and then, aside from the #1, it ended up being the most verbose entry. Plus it beat Ep. 4 by one spot, which was a surprise.

My #1 was Spirited Away.


Red After Image
(he / his / him)
Medusa was my favorite mythical creature. She didn't place super high but I'm happy she made it!

I know I voted for the sci-fi/fantasy movies, but I can't find my PM in my records! lol I probably voted for Princess Mononoke because why wouldn't I vote for my favorite movie lol


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
Medusa is a solid pick, WildcatJF.

My top pick for mythical creatures was a new favorite I discovered while researching for my picks - the Raijū of Japanese mythology.

My top pick for sci-fi/fantasy movies was Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974).

Those were both sort of strategic votes. Also, I approached my picks for sci-fi & fantasy movies in a way that I assumed would be somewhat contrary to the popular opinion but it was what I felt I needed to do.
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"This is not my beautiful forum!" - David Byrne
(Hi Guy)
Man, you guys should see some of the things that didn't make the Mythical Creatures list.

Like this guy for example.


What's Shenmue?
I had a good time with the sci-fi/fantasy list because it spurred me to watch a bunch of films I'd been sitting on and putting off for years.


Let's 90s gaming
#30: Mecha Fight, Ready GO! Presenting TT’s Top 50 Mecha
Ran from April 26th, 2020 to July 24th, 2020
Host: Kirin
Top Eva: The Big O

Selected Entry:

Folks, I gotta be straight with ya, things are looking a bit dire here. Our big guns are out of commission, the Death Army is on the march...

... those tentacle things are back ...

... and so far the only response to our distress call is this mecha horse who isn't doing too well ...

Wait, hang on though, I'm finally getting a *substantial* ping on my scopes and a signal on the emergency channels. Could it be.... yes! A huge battleship is descending through the atmosphere. The SDF-1 has returned!

And it's now opening its hangars and dispatching wave after wave of Valkyrie fighters. All the Valkyries!

... but particularly this Valkyrie...

All-Environment Variable Fighter and Tactical Combat Battroid
VF-1S Valkyrie

The Variable Fighter was developed using the same OverTechnology recovered from the SDF-1 crash as the Destroid mecha, but included transformation modes that allowed it to serve both as giant-size infantry and an air/space superiority fighter. This adaptability, brought to the fore by ace pilots such as Roy Focker and Maximilian Jenius, led to the VF-1 becoming the premiere weapon used by UN Spacy in Space War One against Zentradi forces, with new designs continuing on into future conflicts across the galaxy.

The VF-1S variant was outfitted with superior firepower and improved engines, and was manufactured in limited numbers and usually reserved for commanders or squad leaders.

And this is just what we needed! The VF squads immediately rip into the Death Army, with expert dog-fighters dodging the Gundam Head tentacles' laser barrage and counter-attacking from the air, while transformed Battroid units take on the mooks with their gatling pods and even hand-to-hand combat, relying on air support from their compatriots.

Over there you can spot the famous Skull Squadron taking on one of the larger DG cell powered abominations, attacking it from multiple angles with expert teamwork. And I see Milia in her bright red VF-1J using her expert piloting skills to take down some Death Army units that sprouted wings and took to the sky. Meanwhile some Armored Valkyrie variants, VF-1Js with the reactive armor pack, have waded into the densest concentration of Death Army troops, and unleashed swarms of micro-missiles taking them out left and right. And some VF-1S "Super" Valkyries, with the FAST pack system, are doing the same in the air.

This is looking pretty good folks, I think we're finally pushing them back! We might be able to complete this tournament on schedule after all if we just keep...

... wait ...

... what's that ominous rumbling sound?


Let's 90s gaming
And that's all of them. Hope you ejoyed this trip down memory lane! And remember, WildcatJF's Video Game Enemies list is in full swing right now, so check it out if you haven't!


Red After Image
(he / his / him)
The Mecha one was fun! I liked the motif so much I made it canon in my own contest hahaha.

Deathscythe was my #1 but barely made the cut.

Oh, yeah, this is the last one from the old boards, huh. Thank you for compiling this Issun! This was great to revisit!

Positronic Brain

Out Of Warranty
That was a very clever way of working around and incorporating both names of the whale maverick. Hats off to PB for that.

Thanks! This was really fun, and it also has my favorite ongoing and probably most elaborated joke that, like, only three people noticed. But we can fix that! I still have my drafts in my machine, so I can repost the full list here. Links won't work, of course.

Ooops, guess what. The last two Robot Masters were fake! Who could be behind such a dastardly deception?

Uh. Who could have seen that coming? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, looks like the true Robot Masters are in another castle! Luckily for us, reaching them is very easy. We just have to get past the Transporter Room.

So, time to face the Robot Masters we’ve defeated so far for the second time!

Honorable Mentions

Uranus (33 points, 1 mention) (tie)
[54] Bambob Pandylan Bamboo Pandamonium (54 points, 4 mentions)
[81] Bond Man (33 points, 1 mention) (tie)
[137] Dyna Man (11 points, 1 mention)
[104] ShadeMan.EXE (23 points, 1 mention)
[65] Anubis Necromancess III (49 points, 3 mentions)
[--] Knuckles Man (0 points, 0 mentions)
[--] Top Mega Man Villains (1 mention each)

Top 50 Robot Masters

Nitro Man (69 points, 3 mentions)
[49] Junk Man (70 points, 3 mentions, highest rank #7)
[48] Blizzard Man (70 points, 3 mentions, highest rank #4)
[47] Steven Cyber Cyber Peacock (73 points, 3 mentions, highest ranking #5)
[46] Gyro Man (73 points, 3 mentions, highest ranking #4)
[45] Brian The Roller Armored Armadillo (74 points, 3 mentions)
[43] Concrete Man (74 points, 4 mentions, highest ranking #9) (tie)
[43] Chimp Watts Spark Mandrill (74 points, 4 mentions, highest ranking #9) (tie)
[42] George Magnet Magna Centipede (75 points, 3 mentions)
[41] S Man (78 points, 3 menions)
[40] Doc Robot (79 points, 3 mentions)
[39] Nicked'n Jagged Boomer Kuwanger (80 points, 4 mentions, highest ranking #6)
[38] Rush Stewart Overdrive Ostrich (80 points, 4 mentions, highest ranking #4)
[37] Hard Man (86 points, 4 mentions)
[36] Needle Man (96 points, 4 mentions)
[35] Wheelton Croc Wheel Gator (102 points, 4 mentions)
[34] Dust Man (102 points, 5 mentions)
[33] Burn Cryptford Magma Dragoon (109 points, 5 mentions)
[32] Wood Man (112 points, 5 mentions)
[31] Lepid Bowie Morph Moth (112 points, 6 mentions)
[30] Aim Squidwart Launch Octopus (117 points, 4 mentions)
[29] Napalm Man (117 points, 5 mentions)
[28] Clrash Man (118 points, 5 mentions)
[27] Bubble Man (199 points, 4 mentions)
[26] Gravity Man (120 points, 6 mentions)
[25] Chill Wyguin Chill Penguin (121 points, 5 mentions)
[24] Duff McWhalen Tidal Whale (137 points, 7 mentions)
[23] Ice Man (144 points, 5 mentions)
[22] Shade Man (144 points, 6 mentions)
[21] Elec Man (156 points, 6 mentions)
[20] Top Man (162 points, 6 mentions)
[19] Air Man (177 points, 7 mentions)
[18] Sheep Man (178 points, 8 mentions)
[17] Shadow Man (183 points, 6 mentions)
[16] Heat Man (183 points, 7 mentions)
[15] Charge Man (188 points, 9 mentions)
[14] Guts Man (192 points, 7 mentions)
[13] Magnet Man (196 points, 7 mentions)
[12] Toad Man (198 points, 10 mentions)
[11] Kestrel Driftchards Storm Eagle (213 points, 9 mentions)
[10] Centaur Man (216 points, 10 mentions)
[09] Skull Man (220 points, 9 mentions)
[08] Metal Man (223 points, 8 mentions)
[07] Galaxy Man (235 points, 9 mentions)
[06] Pharaoh Man (248 points, 9 mentions)
[05] Quick Man (259 points, 10 mentions)
[04] Cut Man (267 points, 9 mentions)
[03] Snake Man (315 points, 12 mentions)

So I’ll just give you a few hours to read through all of them again. No, no, no need to thank me. I’ll be back in a few hours with the real Top Robot Masters, just after you’ve done reading. And don’t cheat - I’ll know.

[02] Splash Woman (327 points, 14 mentions)
[01] Gemini Man (349 points, 14 mentions)

Ok, so that was fun!

One of the reasons why I proposed the Top 50 Robot Master list was because I had no idea who would win in a popularity contest. I assumed it would be a robot from 2 or 3, but anything else was up for grabs. Watching the final list come up was a pleasant surprise, and I have to thank you for making me remember how much I love Mega Man.

No, seriously, making this list is hard, it’s time consuming, my cat wonders why I sometimes I mistakenly call her Tango and my wife is a couple of 8-bit tunes away from throwing my computer out of the window, but I would do it again because it really has been fun. I’ve read a lot about Mega Man this last month, the Protomen have been blasting through my speakers and I even blew the digital dust out of my Mega Man comics. I also wanted to play the stages of the bots in the list but, alas, this has been a busy month and I didn’t have the time (which is also for the best, I guess, since my reflexes are not what they were - I tried to kill Ostrich using blaster only the other day as I used to do when I was a kid and, boy, he gave me a run for my money).

Anyway, you can find the complete tallied list at Google Docs. Please don’t pay much attention to numbering below 50, as I broke ties by givig the win to the RM who had received the highest ranking, but I haven’t done that with everybody under 50. Just so you know.

Some fun trivia!

  • The game with the highest number of entries was Mega Man 3, with 8 RMs. However, not every Robot Master from 3 made it in, as Doc Man took poor Spark Man’s place. However, if we look at the entire list, 3 had the most number of unique entries: 10 (the 8 RMs, plus Doc Robot and Break Man, who totally counts)
  • Mega Man 2 only had 7 entries in the Top 50, but Flash Man did make it into the full list. Somewhere.
  • The games which all its RMs made into the full list were 1, 3, 10, 2, 6 and X. Meanwhile X7 and X8 only had one entry each, and they didn’t make it into the Top 50.
  • The game that made the Top 50 but had the most entries left out was 10 - all its 8 RMs were nominated but only three made it in.
  • Don’t cry for 10, as V (the GameBoy one) fared worse - 6 nominations, but none made it into the Top 50. Ouch.

Anyway, numbers are there, have fun.

@Johnny Unusual, I think this post is relevant for your interests.

I am still peeved I didn't have a chance to use Sea Anniemennox as a Maverick name. Curse you, Talking Time.

I think Metal Man or Bubble Man would be my number one picks. Just love those two bots.

You could have made a difference and didn't vote? This is why democracy was a mistake!

Beta Metroid

At peace
Indeed, thank you very much!

BttF was third on the sci-fi/fantasy list. Losing to Fury Road and the entire LotR trilogy ain't half bad.


Summon for hire
Yeah, while the archives will be back up again eventually, it's really great to have this look at the old lists up on the new board!


Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
They're all in the TT 2.0 archive. Just go to the Meatspace archive and do a Ctrl+F for "50"; that should snag most of them. Mine's on the very bottom!