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  1. Issun

    What are Your Favorite Games of the 8th Console Generation?

    With the PS5 around the corner and the last PS4 and XBone exclusives having been released, the generation is winding down. Only the Switch continues, but Nintendo hardware is almost its own thing. So let's look back at the games we loved most from this generation. The 8th console generation is...
  2. Falselogic

    Primary List of Talking Time Game Recommendations!

    Bringing our very large spreadsheet over here. Here is the Primary List of game recommendations, in nearly every genre, from members of the forum. Thank you to Droewyn for making the original list.
  3. FelixSH

    Island Top 5 tv shows

    I wanted to make this thread since I saw the one about books, but wanted to wait for the new forum, so that it wouldn't disappear too soon. Because I have some shows that I love too much to not considere them to be a part of who I have become. Bonus points if you can write a bit about why a...
  4. Issun

    30 for 50: Celebrating Five Years of Listings

    In just over half a decade, Top 50 threads have become an integral part of Talking Time, and we've had exactly 30 of them! They were all excellent, too, and have encompassed a wide variety of topics, from games to comics to mythical critters (and surprisingly, only a third of them have been...