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retro games

  1. Kazin

    The Retro games thread of please I'm begging you (yes, you!) to post about Retro games in this thread (10 years old+)

    I think most of us here play retro stuff, but maybe don't post about them all that often here. I would like to read about whatever retro game you're playing, regardless of genre, system, etc. Anything from Atari on up to (as of this post) anything released before November of 2012, so, just about...
  2. Kazin

    The Retrogame Bubble Thread - "that's worth HOW MUCH now?!"

    Rather than continue to derail the Neo Geo Pocket Switch thread, I thought this might deserve it's own thread. The prices of retro stuff have all shot up over the past year as people look to comfortable nostalgia while stuck in side due to COVID (and I've absolutely fallen prey to this bubble...
  3. Mr. Sensible


    I double-checked for this thread, but it seems we never resurrected it from TT 2.0. So let's discuss Retronauts, the number-one podcast for old people who enjoy old video games! I greatly enjoyed the recent Patreon-exclusive episode about Ghost Trick, my personal GotY from way back in 2011...
  4. Peklo

    Cotton Reboot! and the return of fantastic night dreams

    This has been known about and anticipated for a while, but there was no thread for it on this reboot of Talking Time. We must rectify. Cotton Reboot! revives a series that once stood tall as a codifying example of the cute 'em up shooter concept and aesthetic, for its better and less great...
  5. Kzinssie

    This Remaster Is What All True Warriors Strive For: Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

    So there appears to have been some scattered discussion about this in other threads, but some madman actually went and remastered/ported the CD-i Zelda games to PC. Download for the updated version is here. These games are honestly very important to me in that CD-i Youtube Poops were incredibly...
  6. WildcatJF

    Capcom Arcade Stadium brings back the retro

    I'll be listing out everything when the Awards end, but I AM FUCKING HYPE FOR THIS
  7. Lokii

    Tiny consoles they're so small

    The smaller the better I say! I I want to step on the Dreamcast Mini when I don't see it hiding among the kid's legos. I want to accidentally eat the N64 Classic after it fell into my bowl of cheerios. I want my mitochondria fighting over who gets the next turn on the 35th anniversary Game Boy...
  8. Mr. Sensible

    Video Game Collecting and the Death of Physical Media

    Another thread-surrection from our last forum iteration, let us once again discuss collecting video games in an era when physical media is becoming increasingly obsolete. Those of us who still seek out physical games have undoubtedly come to rely more on auction sites than retail stores, but...
  9. Positronic Brain

    You Say TurboGrafx, I Say CoreGrafx (Let’s Call The Whole Mini Console Thing Off)

    So I finally managed to get my hands on one of these Mini CoreGrafx things (TurboGrafx 16 Mini to you, Americans, and PC Engine Mini for you Japanese). The TG16 is the one console I never saw in the wild, so besides a few games in the WiiVC I had never interacted with its library, so I was...
  10. ShakeWell

    The High Definition Retrogaming Thread (Including CRT/BVM/PVM Chatter)

    Bringing this one back with a new MLiG video about Game Boy and Game Boy Advance screen mods.
  11. Phantoon

    MiSTer: the thread of cycle accuracy

    I thought Shakewell's excellent thread from the old place should continue here. So, what is MiSTer? It's a homebrew system for playing classic games, continuing where the MiST left off. Why not get a mini console / Raspberry Pi? They're cheaper and easier to set up. This is true, but these...
  12. Falselogic

    Primary List of Talking Time Game Recommendations!

    Bringing our very large spreadsheet over here. Here is the Primary List of game recommendations, in nearly every genre, from members of the forum. Thank you to Droewyn for making the original list.
  13. TomcaT

    Modern Retro Gaming

    So for the old-folks around here (and those that just like the games of gone-by eras), there's plenty of homebrew on older systems and computers (the 2600, Commodore 64, etc). I've been waiting on the NA release of The C64 (full sized), somewhat impatiently, and am looking into programming on...
  14. Mr. Sensible

    Hard EverDrivin'! Flash cartridges & ODEs

    Continuing ShakeWell's thread from the Before Times, let's talk about stuff like Everdrives and optical drive emulators! So I recently started playing GBC Mario Golf on my Everdrive-GB, and I found myself enjoying it so much that I sought out a real copy of the game to play instead. However...
  15. Becksworth

    Retrogaming Hardware

    Pi builds, FPGAs devices, clone consoles/flash carts, those open Dingux handhelds that exploded in the past year or so, and Android handhelds/microconsoles are all good examples of what I’m talking about. The primary purpose of many of these is retro gaming and emulation, so being able to...