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Primary List of Talking Time Game Recommendations!

Mr. Sensible

Pitch and Putt Duffer
I'll skim through the list every few weeks just to see if anyone's added anything, and sometimes to add/verify stuff for games I've recently played. I know some Tyrants have advocated for moving everything over to a wiki instead of the current mega-spreadsheet, but I personally enjoy working on it just as it is. And thanks for making it, Droewyn!
well, i should go through and actually give some seconds and additions since i have constantly neglected that

and shame for no one adding opoona until now

Mr. Sensible

Pitch and Putt Duffer
Added Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360). I was certain we already had this one on the list, but apparently not!


Find Your Reason
Added Ghost of Tsushima (PS4) because of course. I've only taken about 4500 photos in it :p and replayed it twice in quick succession.


Lapsed Threadcromancer
People need to get on this. How is Animal Crossing: New Horizons not an all timer yet?!

Paul le Fou

24/7 lofi hip hop man to study/relax to
Oh man, Mario Odyssey is 1 rec away from hitting green and BotW is 1-2 away from gold. Both are things that surprise me.


Sudden chomper
OK, I finally added XCOM 2/War of the Chosen to the PC tab (and added a vote for Rift Apart, that game is great).