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The Game Sales and Deals Thread, With No Apologies to Anyone

Ghost from Spelunker

GOG will be delisting a handful of older EA titles, on Monday June 28th, they are currently deeply discounted ($1.50 each) before they get removed. Syndicate Wars in particular might be worth picking up as it's not available for sale any place, while at least the other two are on EA's own Origin store front. They will remain in your library if you've purchased them:

Ultimate Underworld 1+2
Syndicate Plus
Syndicate Wars

Now why would I buy Syndicate Wars again? I bought and beat it on the greatest hardware ever made, the Playstation, back 20 years...oh.
Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster on Switch is 30% off right now. So about $34.99 in USD. Its not perfect but from what I've heard its still a good game overall.


Euro-only, this one, but Psyvariar Delta is 75% off (£5.87) on the Switch eshop at the moment - an absurd bargain. The Cybattler DLC is on sale too.

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Bravely Default II is $30 on Amazon right now.


hardcore retro gamin'
Ooh, good price. Funny that happens just about the time I snag it from Gamefly for $35...


Round and round I go
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Epic's got Saints Row 3 for free. I think people have said that's a good'un?


Same as I ever was
III and IV are supposed to be the good ones from what I gather (I've played a bit of III but not enough for form an opinion). It is, at the very least, where it starts getting real goofy.


hardcore retro gamin'
I feel like that was the optimal course of action, anyway. I know my brother doesn't care one whit for GTA, but had a blast with SR3/4.


I'd say 2 is where the series really gets its identity, but is also the one with the buggy as hell PC port.

3 probably has the best gameplay meanwhile, with the like naturally occurring minibosses and such out in the world and without the godmode from minute 1 thing 4 kinda has going.


Fluffy Prince
Newegg just had a deal with eShop gift cards:


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(he, him, his)
Also XSEED and Spike Chunsoft have sales going on this weekend and for the next few days (respectively).

Also XSEED and Spike Chunsoft have sales going on this weekend and for the next few days (respectively).

Go treat yourselves to some Shiren folks


debased Chaotix enjoyer
Big Square Enix sale on the eShop as well. SaGa Scarlet Grace for $11.99! Also a bunch of Final Fantasy stuff too I guess


hardcore retro gamin'
Tempted to get Scarlet Grace myself. I noticed that all the Tokyo RPG Factory games were on sale, too. Are any of those worth the asking price, though? I've always seen mostly middling reviews of them, and I wasn't impressed by the Lost Sphear demo.


debased Chaotix enjoyer
I've not played all of those, but I'm pretty comfortable saying SaGa Scarlet Grace is probably better than all of them. It is quite good. I lost track of time while playing it last night with a pretty bad headache.
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Son of The Answer Man
Big Square Enix sale on the eShop as well. SaGa Scarlet Grace for $11.99! Also a bunch of Final Fantasy stuff too I guess
Finally, the Crystal Chronicles remaster for a price I want to pay! Still annoyed it doesn't have local multiplayer.
Target Circle Rewards has a 40% off video games thing going on right now. It doesn't apply to all games but it does to most, even ones it says it shouldn't. Unfortunately, not everyone's account is eligible for it, it seems random who is and isn't eligible. Mine unfortunately isn't, but it would have been a great way to buy some 1st party Ninty games I'd been meaning to pick up.