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The Game Sales and Deals Thread, With No Apologies to Anyone


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And the hits just keep on coming (but only for the next couple of days):

And here are a couple of items I wanted to highlight from that:

If you are interested in the Yu-Gi-Oh card game and wanted a player vs computer way to experience the history of it (and the stories of the associated cartoons) then this is a good choice - if it's on sale. I picked this up a few months ago and have more or less enjoyed playing it (when the computer is not annoying me with its bullshit).

(Note: There is another earlier game with a similar name but which is worse in most regards. So be aware if you don't use the link above. If you see DLC available for the game then you know it's the wrong one.)

I haven't played this one but it looks neat and also right up TT's alley. It seems to be like a 2D action platformer version of Banjo-Kazooie but Banjo is a skeleton and Kazooie is a bat.


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I'm not sure for how much longer, but Gamestop is quietly offering about $50 more store credit than what their website says for PS4s and XBox Ones. Ended up getting $200 store credit for my old One S, so a pretty good return on investment at this point.

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Many retro games appear to have gone on sale at the PS4. I already have the 8-Bit Adventure Collection for PC, but at 2.49€ I am tempted to double-dip.

Octopus Prime

Pretty much the entire Tomb Raider series is on sale on every platform that hosts Tomb Raider games; news which broke shortly after I started fondly reminiscing about how much I like Legend and Anniversary.


Neo The World Ends With You is 30% off in the eShop. Presumably, if it is, a bunch of other Squenix games are too, but I didn’t check.

How is NEO? Because I really liked the original and haven’t touched it since… like… 2008, or whenever it came out


The PC-only version of Gamepass is $1 for three months, which is neat! Going to see if there's an easy/cheap way to add Xbox to this.

Oh dang I think it falls under their weird upgrade policy for remaining non-Ultimate time. So I think if I do this PC deal to get three months for $1, then buy 1 month of Ultimate it will upgrade me? Going to check into that more.

Edit: Hell yeah it does! So $1 for PC + $14.99 of one month of ultimate and I now have it through March on PC and Xbox. Sweeeeet.
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Oh, for anyone that has Amazon Prime, you can get Control: Ultimate Edition for free through GOG, Dragon Age: Inquisition through Origin, and Rise of the Tomb Raider with all bonus content on Epic Game Store, amongst the usual slate of free games through Amazon.
Atari Flashback Collection is 50% off, first time I've seen it have a sale of any kind. The worth depends on how much you care about the arcade and console games included, but 19.99 was good enough for me .

Contra: Rogue Corps is also down to like 4 bucks. I heard nothing good about it but fuck it, I'll give it a shot.


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Watch your Wal-Marts for clearance priced games released for last gen systems. I got the Xbox One versions of Puyo/Tetris 2, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Dirt 5, and Power Rangers for seven dollars each. Availability will vary by store, of course, but my Wal-Mart is usually pretty stingy with discounts and even they got in on the action. There were other titles for similarly reduced prices... mostly sports games, but also a few interesting semi-recent titles, like Godfall and Soulstorm.


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Yes...? Three of the games I've got have Smart Delivery, minus Power Rangers. Does Smart Delivery mean that the games will upgrade themselves to Xbox Series X standards when they're played on that system? Because you're right, that's pretty sweet. I expected that all Xbox One games would work with the Series X, but improved frame rates and graphics is a nice bonus.

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Does Smart Delivery mean that the games will upgrade themselves to Xbox Series X standards when they're played on that system?
Yep. This means your Walmart is liquidating current gen games as if they were last gen games. You're reaping the benefits of managers not knowing the details of the products they retail.


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Saints Row 4 is currently on sale for Switch at $2.79 in the eShop. That's a ridiculously good price!


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I have heard that, unlike Saints Row 3, the Switch port of 4 is quality.


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Nice, thanks for the heads up. I have SR3 on Steam that I'll play on Steam Deck (maybe, eventually), and having a good port of SRIV on Switch sounds great.