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The DC Comics TV & Movie Thread - A Thread for Talking about Detective Comics Comics Television Shows and Movies


Arm Candy
I just don't know why creative talent would willingly work with WBD in the future if this is how they treat their people. The damage goes way beyond just number crunching, they're turning their company into a pariah overnight.
I understand that agents and studios are probably going to have specific clauses in their contracts going forward that prevent media companies from dumping their work into the void. Animators, artists, and studios rely on their output being available for portfolio review, and if it's gone, they can't get work.
The wild thing to me is part of the headache and financial problems WB found itself in to begin with, was their pandemic policy of films going straight to HBO Max - which pissed off a whole bunch of Hollywood talent since it breached trust and contracts. A lot of bridges were burned with actors and talent agencies where pay structures based on theater revenues were undermined by that act, and theater groups lost their collective shit at the perception of WB trying to put them out of business. So the solution to that all is... to do something even worse?

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
The wild thing to me is part of the headache and financial problems WB found itself in to begin with, was their pandemic policy of films going straight to HBO Max - which pissed off a whole bunch of Hollywood talent since it breached trust and contracts. A lot of bridges were burned with actors and talent agencies where pay structures based on theater revenues were undermined by that act, and theater groups lost their collective shit at the perception of WB trying to put them out of business. So the solution to that all is... to do something even worse?

The thing is, that mostly worked. They paid a whole lot of money, smoothed it over with almost everyone (I think Christopher Nolan went elsewhere for his next movie when he'd been strictly WB for a decade or two), and really reaped the rewards in terms of subscribers to HBO Max. It cost money now, but the play set them up for future success. Unless someone comes along and dismantles their streaming service before they can capitalize on it.

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
I was long a defender of the show, and I still like those middle seasons okay (3-5 or so), but the cast attrition has just kind of left nothing here. I had problems with the show's season long plots, but I enjoyed spending an hour a week with Barry and the crew. And though I think the effort to switch to several shorter arcs per season has been somewhat successful, the loss of the cast hurts. No Cisco, no Wells, only a little Joe. No Ralph (I'm not complaining about the actors loss, but he was one of the few good new characters brought in). I don't hate Allegra or Chester, I just don't care about them. That and they've burned through all the good (and the bad) Flash villains by now. There really isn't much left.

I like to think there is a version of the show where Captain Cold and Heat Wave weren't snapped up for Legends and we got a full season about the Rogues, but alas.


Post Reader
It's worth noting that a different parent company than the current one is responsible for the all-theatrical-releases-of-2021-on-HBO-Max decision

Johnny Unusual

Ironically, I watched an insane amount of the DC shows to get to Crisis and now that my dad cancelled his Crave account... I think I'll wait till he picks it back up to finish it.

I will say, the last thing I watched was Black Lightning and it's a show that often could be as clunky as any of the other shows often were but it has some really bright spots to it and genuinely good moments. A flawed show but one of the best and most interesting of the Arrowverse.

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
I really liked Black Lightning; it struggled with its messaging sometimes but its heart was in the right place.

The Flash S8 finale was pure, dull nonsense. I know last season they introduced the idea that if there is a Speed Force, then their may be other Forces as well, but that dumb and it sucked. So of course they brought it back for this season. Of course, the show also had to make the creation/empowerment of the 'negative forces' Barry's fault, because he's not allowed to fix a problem without it causing at least two problems.

But at least Iris's 'time sickness' was cured. And everyone understood what that was about and how she was cured.
I refuse to celebrate or breathe a sigh of relief until I'm actually watching S4. Especially when S2 was actually just S1 part 2, arbitrarily cut into two chunks for marketing purposes. Especially especially when there's a production shakeup with a change of showrunners.


The change of showrunner is very concerning, though at least it’s someone who’s been involved in the show from early on, and the original showrunners are still involved as producers. It’s impossible at the moment to know how much of this is meddling and how much of it is torch passing. Also it’s two dudes stepping aside for a woman to run a show about a female same-sex couple, which I’m kind of okay with?

Either way, I’d rather have a fourth season ruin the show than WB chuck the whole thing into a tax hole and remove it from culture. Though yeah, chucking it into a tax hole mid-production is still a possibility.

What I want to know is whether this new showrunner will give Bane plot armor like the original showrunners promised to 😤


If I had to guess, it’s probably executive meddling taking the show in a direction the original guys didn’t want and they decided to let someone else shepherd it rather than kill it off.

Honestly I’m just glad we’ll at least see how this absolutely stellar season ends. I was so convinced the show was doomed.
I'm not ready to say executive meddling, when it could just be the previous showrunners seeing the writing on the wall at WBD and planning their exits early. Which is exactly what I would be doing if I was producing an animated show for HBO Max right now. Better to find new employment ASAP instead of waiting around like a fish in a barrel waiting to get shot.
Jesus Christ this show is surreally good. Like. Man. How is this possible?

Edit: I gotta stop watching this after midnight when it goes live. It wires me up. I have things to do [strike]tomorrow[/strike] today!


The Goggles Do Nothing
Okay, so Harley Quinn comment to echo WisteriaHysteria here...

I have always liked this show, but it was always very much an "Elseworld" thing to me. Like, all the familiar characters are here, but they are changed significantly from their canon portrayals, so it is hard to say you are seeing "A good Joker story" when this Joker is so different from what you would see in other media. And, to be clear, I am well aware that this is the nature of comics and adapted media, but, like, it is the difference between "Clark Kent, Superman" and "Superman: Red Son". Red Son is a great Superman story, but it isn't about "real" Superman. This is a totally different universe, and as much as I would like to see Harley Quinn's Poison Ivy be the defining portrayal of the character going forward, I know it is not going to happen. We are more likely to see Schumacher Poison Ivy in the next Batman movie over this character.

(And don't get me started on how I would watch an entire series based on this King Shark or Clayface, but you better believe neither "personality" will ever be seen again.)

ALL THAT SAID, damn, the most recent episode is freaking (amazingly!) ur-Batman, and could slot into practically any portrayal of Bruce Wayne across any media. "Batman" in Harley Quinn has always been this weirdo in a bat costume that doesn't jibe with other versions (but, to be clear, is perfect for this universe), but this episode showed an extremely deep and nuanced understanding of exactly what makes the character tick.

And, oh yeah, it was laugh out loud funny, too. Outstanding how that works out.
Even if a lot of the interpretations of DC characters in HQ is different from what is classically done with them, none of them are so egregiously out-of-character that it would make them fundamentally incompatible. Especially when it's been the modus operandi of DC Comics to continually reinvent its characters. In fact, I'd go so far as to say most of them are perfectly in-line with their classical portrayals. Batman IS fundamentally a weirdo in a bat-suit. It's just that here we're seeing him from a different perspective and also we have some characters actively pointing it out that he's a weirdo to take the piss out of him. Jim Gordon has been an alcoholic and a bad father/husband before; he's just a little more Blue Lives Matter now which is perfectly in line with, you know, him being a cop. Joker settling down to be a family man is just perfect, because if they wanted to, they could flip that on its head at the drop of a dime as his greatest joke yet. Poison Ivy IS a radical ecoterrorist who hates other people and doesn't ever work well with others. Clayface IS fundamentally an actor, who initially delighted in being able to physically embody the roles he would play.


Given how little actual superheroic/supervillainous action there is on the show, I could absolutely buy most of these characters have different "work personas" that we see in most media featuring them, and HQ is just letting us peek behind the curtain at who they are when they're off the clock.


Summon for hire
Not to derail, but I was just catching up on the last month of this thread (i.e. all the merger nonsense) and was suddenly reminded that I’m now technically related to a member of the 90 Day Fiancé universe.

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
I haven't been commenting on it, but the new season of Stargirl has been very good. Joel McHale does not fit into this show in the best way.
Related to the after credits sequence for Black Adam:

David Zaslav is bad, Snyder Cut goons are bad, but Cavil is good. Glad he's getting another shot.

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
The ending stinger was whatever, but reading thinking about Black Adam and reading some reviews has solidified it in my mind as a really solid movie. Not great, but very good, I think. It mostly does a great job of treating Black Adam kind of like Godzilla. They awaken this ancient, unstoppable power and he just destroys everything in his path. To start with his goals and motivations seem unknowable; he is just destruction personified. It really works.

I also think it did a great job with the JSA. Hawkman is prickly, and refuses to back down even when presented with a clearly superior force. Dr. Fate is mostly inscrutable. Atom Smasher has this sense of really trying hard to live up to expectations, and being a bit of a goof. Cyclone had the least established comic history, and she was mostly that; eager and super qualified, but also seems to have trouble relating to people. I hope this gets a JSA movie going.
It’s the best, and I’m delighted it survived, but why isn’t it a podcast?!
It IS the best. And I can't tell you why WB does what it does. I don't think anyone can. However! I think that's an error that they've been rectifying lately. Season 1 is up on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and probably a few other places as well. And they promise S2 is inbound.

I HIGHLY encourage everyone to give it a try, it's primo-Batman.

I finished listening to Season 2 a few nights ago. It's kind of awesome how well Batman works in this medium. Should be no surprise considering Batman radio plays were hand-in-hand with the comics back in the Golden Age. But still, it's crazy how well it works too. You know how you always hear about how Harvey Dent is Bruce Wayne's friend, but no Bat-media in the last however many decades actually shows that to be the case? It's kinda great how a radio play like this can actually explore stuff like that a bit. Also Brent Spiner is now my favorite Joker of all time.