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The Anime Credits Thread - The OP-ED Section

Johnny Unusual


I LOVE this intro. As a big fan of sports anime, this feels like its of a very different tenor than most. Most are energetic and optimistic. I don't know if this is the era or because of this specific manga writer who wrote many very manly and melodramatic sports series, including "Star of the Giants", which inspired an entire trope of table-flipping, and Tiger Mask which is a superhero wrestling series that actually has sort of a bittersweet ending (the hero beats the final villain but his masked is removed in the ring. He runs from his heroic victory into the night, never to be seen again!) but boy is this not Hajime no Ippo (though Ippo has a great character directly inspired by Joe, clearly just so Ippo can non-canonically fight Joe).

See, this is... sad. Its sad and angry, The music is also wistful. Our hero is looking toward tomorrow and fighting for it but today is fucking rough. In many ways, its standard hero stuff: no matter how many times this mother fucker gets knocked down, he will stand up. But it feels more melancholy than triumphant. Like even if he wins this fight, he's not going to be showered with glory but into some stinky locker room to lick his wounds, heal up and train for the next fight where he's punched into gristle until he wins.

Got I wish this manga got an official translation.


Little Waves
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Some of my faves.

I don't know if this is the era or because of this specific manga writer
Joe is certainly channeling of lot of frustrations felt by working-class youths in postwar Japan, to which it at least partly owes solidifying its place in the culture. (Dezaki also helped.)

Anyhow, You're Under Arrest (1994 OVA) OP - "Courage at 100 MPH"

I had a book on the glory of anime that pointed out that shot with the plane as an example of shots that are only feasible with the imaginary "camera" of animation. It still gets me right here, coming in with the climax of the song like it does.


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You're Under Arrest! is in a weird spot. It predates Oh! My Goddess! which is TECHNICALLY* a spinoff of YUA. The main reason it got animated was due to OMG's popularity and the character designs are more in line with the artist's more refined style he was using in the OMG manga.

*Belldandy's first appearance was in a YUA short comic, done for a contest to win a YUA t-shirt.
I had a book on the glory of anime that pointed out that shot with the plane as an example of shots that are only feasible with the imaginary "camera" of animation. It still gets me right here, coming in with the climax of the song like it does.
I'd say like half of the shots in that OP are impossible with a conventional live camera. Every time a car/train drives towards the camera, if such a scene was filmed IRL the car would smash into the camera. The swivel shot coming from above to settle right into the face of the cop driving - not impossible but the careful stunt coordination would make that so incredibly risky as to be impossible. The scenes where the camera would have had to have gone *through* the windshield. The dynamic camera swiveling around and between two stationary characters standing shoulder-length apart form each other - you couldn't have gotten a cameraman or a camera crane to pull that tight manuver off. Anime/cartoons in general is really good at doing things you just couldn't feasibly do IRL without, well, animating with a bunch of expensive 3DCGI making up the difference.

...the character designs are more in line with the artist's more refined style he was using in the OMG manga.
Atsuko Nakajima is one of the good ones for character design. She's shown a lot of range in her designs, being able to adapt her style to fit whatever is being adapted. You guys probably best know her work on Ranma 1/2.
ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. was some of this decades better comfort food anime. Most of y'all know this. (Those who don't should look into it!) But a big part of the experience was the banger OP, which by itself without context is probably the perfect way to sell this show:

OP: "Shadow and Truth" by ONE III NOTES

A lot of times, anime OPs are like short little music videos, but they don't necessarily do much to reflect the show you're about to watch. But a good OP sets the tone and guides viewers expectations. And ACCA is a masterclass at that. Because it is dripping with the kinds of cool, effortless sexy that ACCA lives and breathes. And it tells you almost everything you need to know about the characters just by visual inference. Oh and the song rules, I could listen to it on loop forever. And that's before you get to:

ED2: "Our Place" by ONE III NOTES

I'm not really sure why this wasn't just the show's regular ED, but it's a fantastic way to go out on the last episode and to basically be the theme of the OVA. As an aside, I really like this school of ED - where you get a montage of images that appear nowhere in the actual show but are just little vignettes that help inform the characters and fill in the lives they lead off-camera via faux candid photographs. It's a lot more interesting than a lot of alternatives, and it really helps make the show feel like a lived-in place. That their lives continue beyond what we've gotten to see, and helps stoke the imagination as to what's going on in this world and in these characters lives. I could/would watch an entire episode of ACCA based around fully exploring every single still image in that ED because it's a world I liked and want to be in/explore and didn't feel like I saw enough of.


Little Waves
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Yūgen Gaisha (Phantom Quest Corp.) (1994 OVA) OP - "That's Yūgen Gaisha"

The plot of Phantom Quest Corp. revolves around Ayaka Kisaragi, the proprietor of a Shinjuku, Tokyo company dedicated to helping those in need of paranormal aid. The title is a play on words: Yūgen Gaisha (often written as You-Gen-Kai-Sya) means "limited liability company" in Japanese; but when written with different characters, the word yūgen can also mean "the occult." The kanji 怪 means mysterious, but can also be read as Kai. Kaisha is typically written "会社." This further adds to the pun.


Little Waves
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NieA_7 (Niea Under 7) (2000 TV) OP - "Koko Made Oide" ("Come Here")



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I don't actually like the series very much, but as everything in this thread, don't read the mention of a particularly good opening or ending as synonymous to an endorsement of the show they're attached to. That might get especially relevant as I dig through some more stuff, but people can apply their own assumptions about what falls into that category or doesn't.


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The ending theme to The Flowers of Evil remains the scariest fucking thing I have ever heard.



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I'm going to count Project X Zone as this, even if it's a game rather than a TV show:

I was actually made aware of this OP via the Rockman Gigamix fan tribute, but even the original is quite fantastic. The animation is fluid and has excellent choreography (the bit where all the fighting game punchers and kickers line up is my favorite), it matches the music very nicely, and I love how the pulsing, concentric-shape motif is actually revealed to be heartbeats. I have no idea what kind of game it even IS, but I never tire of watching either it or the Mega Man version, which I like even more.
A new season is upon us, and that means new shows with new OPs and EDs. I'm behind and will get around to watching more, but here's the OP and ED for Yashahime - the Inuyasha sequel:


ED1 "Break" by Uru:

I really like the ending


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I don't know if it's my favourite of the season (it's probably not), but I love the Gymnastics Samurai intro simply because it's using a song that I remember from the original Ouendan 15 years ago:
I am both amazed and delighted that I was able to recall where I recognized it from. I would have been very frustrated if I hadn't been able to place it!