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The Anime Credits Thread - The OP-ED Section


Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
8. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is a show I’m losing a bit of faith in. Its not bad but while it is very slick looking, I’m becoming a little less interested in the mythology and I feel like we haven’t been able to dig into the main character for a while in a way I’m interested it. Nonetheless, the intro has some very gorgeous animation. I like that it is bookended by the lead character falling asleep on a flooded train (whether this is a metaphor or a thing that will literally happen remains to be scene). This doesn’t reinvent the wheel in terms of shonen action openings. There’s some cool looking fights where the character use their powers. We see characters on their own doing their thing then preparing for battle. Images of villains and significant events. The duality as this is another main character with a darker, more powerful force hidden inside of him. It just does everything very well with pretty animation, good transition and a strong energy-packed pop song.
This OP has risen a lot in my estimation over the course of the season for two reasons. One, it keeps subtly updating over time, which I love (newest ep has the MC crying in the final shot), and, more importantly (big spoilers for episode 12): it looks like it has a spoiler in that it shows one of the young villains befriending the hero and joining the main cast, and then the show starts to indeed head towards that resolution, except lol, the show straight up fucking mercs him and it was an intentional idealized mislead all along.

Johnny Unusual

Yeah, I really liked episode 12 and is winning me back a bit. I feel I'm not in it as much for the fights as slick looking as they are and I felt it becoming a bit dour but despite that it certainly continued the trend the show did good in making killing off that guy who we assume is going to be some sort of long term plant by the bad guys who joins the team for real (that was my read on the trajectory of the show) properly heartbreaking.

Johnny Unusual

Some good OPs and EDs all around this season. Some of them didn't register as such at first because they are second seasons of shows where the bar was set to "fuckin' dope" the first time around but yeah, good new intros. Here's one I like that doesn't tell you the show is going to involve a girl battling a dream monster with four sagging torpedo breasts that shoot pink goo.