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action rpg

  1. Cadenza

    Let's Play Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku

    I'm quite fond of the Game Boy Advance. I didn't own many games for it as a kid, but I was still able to play stuff like Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Mega Man Battle Network 3, and the 3rd gen Pokemon games. Then when I learned what emulation was in high school, I discovered a wealth of...
  2. Kishi

    The sequel to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

    Last month, the parent company of the publisher of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night released a quarterly earnings report which off-handedly mentioned that the beloved title has a sequel in development. Probably no one expected the news to be broken in such a dull way (and before the first...
  3. Ludendorkk

    Demon's Souls

    A thread for From Software's first, and to this gamers's eyes still best, entry in their series of seminal action RPGs. With an upcoming remake from Bluepoint Games as flagship software for the Playstation 5, more eyes than ever will be on Hidetaka Miyazaki's first masterpiece. Let strength...
  4. spines

    Legend of Mana: Remember me! Need me! I am love.

    I really wanted to make a thread with this title. And this game deserves it. Continued from the old Kawazu thread, since now the SaGa thread is just the SaGa thread. (Though maybe I'll post about Last Remnant there whenever I finally play it.) (But maybe not.) I know we also had the old fun...
  5. Yimothy

    Easy does it: Talking Ys

    Ys is a series of games by Falcom that started back in ‘87 and has seen continued releases (and rereleases) down to the present day. Mostly the games revolve around largely-silent adventure nerd Adol Christin as he wanders around fantasy not-Europe-but-yes-it’s-Europe. He shows up in a new area...
  6. Red Silvers

    Kingdom Hearts Series! Donald said "Organization" and I died.

    I made the long running Kingdom Hearts thread on the old forum and by god did that thread deliver once GoggleBob got involved. And in relevant news I just picked up both 2.8 and 3!
  7. Vega

    Trials of Mana

    I'm thinking of making my next two playthroughs an all boys team and an all girls team. I heard somewhere that those have unique intra-party chat. Do they? Are there any other unique characteristics to those teams?
  8. Octopus Prime

    Bloodstained: The Dracula-Style Monster Castle Game

    Well, only a matter of time before this thread was made, and I like that thread title, so I wanted in on the ground floor! Anyway, Ritual of the Night got its Colour/Revenge update for Switch recently, and while I haven't touched that yet (outside of giving Miriam a spiffy new hair-dye...
  9. Jeanie

    The Skyrim Thread: Because It Gets Ported to Everything

    I'm still playing the XBone version, with mods, and somehow this 10 year old game is still fun. My current character is a Dark Elf Vampire, Sneak focused of course, but it's allowed me to try some new tricks. Turns out Illusion Magic, mostly Calm, is super useful especially with the Vampire...
  10. Paul le Fou


    For discussion of malaria, syphilis, the beast plague, hepatitis, eyes on the inside of your brain, HIV, and other pathogens spread through the blood. Also, it's an old party: we're all late to it at this point, or we've been hanging around long after the host's gone to bed and nursing our...