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  1. Violentvixen

    Auction of tons of animation stuff

    So there's an auction of about 2000 animation-related items that is an absolutely fascinating collection. Disney, Hanna-Barbera, Warner, 1930s-2000s, just a huge variety. Must have been a private collection. The descriptions of a lot of these are also really informative, which is a part I'm...
  2. SpoonyBard

    The Disney+ thread of ever-growing entertainment monopolies

    So Disney+ has been a thing for nearly a year now, I'm a fairly recent adopter. Eventually the siren's call of the Mandalorian, catching up on the DuckTales reboot, and All Of The Simpsons was just too much to bear. Plus it's been neat to revisit some old Disney shorts and I can watch Donald...
  3. Red Silvers

    Kingdom Hearts Series! Donald said "Organization" and I died.

    I made the long running Kingdom Hearts thread on the old forum and by god did that thread deliver once GoggleBob got involved. And in relevant news I just picked up both 2.8 and 3!
  4. Tegan

    Owl House, In the Middle Of Our Tweet

    Soooooooo The Owl House is on the cusp of finishing its first season. Anyone else watching? I've been big into it since the start, but ever since the recent revelation that it's officially the gayest thing in the Disney canon, I've just fallen in love.