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It'sa me, Kaizo Mario!


can stop, will stop
I think Snake has earned a lifetime pass to be excused from all future Bumpty levels.

As far as the fire flower level in New Comfy, yeah, that one's really input-heavy. It's also the level that took me the longest. I think I ended up having to claw grip for some of the disco shell parts. But if you've made it to the Chuck, you're nearly done! I don't think there's much left past that point.

I hope I can run Celeste.smc on my Super NT, that's super exciting news. If I can, that'll probably be the next hack I try. I haven't played any kaizo since Day in the Life!


Infamous third lava dolphin
Does Celeste.smc use any custom chips? If so, you might be in trouble. The Super Nt with jailbreak can handle a few of the more basic ones, but if it uses SA-1 you'd need to get an FX Pak Pro or equivalent.


Infamous third lava dolphin
Well I had a look at the post about the demo on the SMWC forums and it didn't mention anything about custom chips. Unless you've heard otherwise, I would assume it'll be fine? Not many people dip into SA-1 for kaizo hacks, since it ends up excluding a lot of people.