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It's-a Me! The Mario Music Thunderdome! (featuring 0% Chris Pratt)

Mario games are always fun, but while we all know their music is generally pretty terrific, it doesn't always get celebrated enough. So here we are, rectifying that oversight by voting on what is the bestest Mario track ever! Letsa go!

But first, tw things: Here's the bracket, and Vs. pic is by Artofpipeur on Deviantart

WildcatJF opens Devastation's Doorway only to find pudik working on some Saving, Loading, and Inventory Boxes.


Violentvixen takes a trip to Sarasaland with Theme 1, but she's going to have to get past SpoonyBard on SNES Rainbow Road to get there.

Voting closes at 4 P.M. PST tomorrow.


Surprisingly hard call on the second, mindblowing revelation that there was a secret Mario Paint sequel on the first.

Art Land

Dark Medusa

Diamond Crusader
Oh, wait! Isn't that Mario Paint track reused for Mario Maker? That's super neat!

The second contest is super hard for me to pick, since one is just simplicity perfected, the other a great rendition of one of the best Mario track themes...

Bowser in Sarasaland


Staff member
Dang, both those Docks are really good. I think Tetrimino just edges out Sleep though. The Wii version of the New theme is nice too, even with the wahs, but it's impossible to say no to Booster.


excused from moderation duty
Staff member
I choose the Prescription For Sleep cover of Dire Dire Docks, and Booster I guess.


I have no Dire Dire preference but will go with with the overworld theme for the game where they totally just freaking passed on giving it an actual name.