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It's-a Me! The Mario Music Thunderdome! (featuring 0% Chris Pratt)

We're currently tied, and we can't really have a final matchup until the tie is resolved. Who's going to step up?
And there we have it. The final match is upon us. Gameboy vs. NES. Platformer vs. RPG. Jiangshi vs. Timed Hits. @Violentvixen vs. @Torzelbaum

As it is the finals, voting will go for 48 hours. So it closes at 11 A.M. PST on Tuesday, 1/16.

Johnny Unusual

Theme 1

Both are very good but I like the classic jauntiness of Theme 1. Forest's Mushrooms is really good two but while I think I would have gone with Theme 1 anyway, I just heard a few too many variations on the same some this dome.


can stop, will stop
I love both of these, but I've got to give it to Beware the Forest's Mushrooms.

Still kinda can't believe the NES overworld theme isn't in the final round, if I'm being honest. Everyone knows it. People who don't even play video games know it. It's like the ur-text from which all Mario music descends.