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Information wants to be Free, just like these games


Yeah, every game that looks slightly interesting gets added to the library. Can't hurt.
I have now three pages of games, and not paid a single cent on Epic.


Yep, same. I don't have Epic installed on anything. Now my question is if Epic will still be around whenever I retire and actually have time to play these.


I mean, the launcher is also the launcher for The Thing You Make Games With, so, that should give it some legs?


hardcore retro gamin'
I've added nearly every free game they've had. My library shows 342 games, of which I've only paid for one, Axiom Verge 2.


Fallout New Vegas - Ultimate Edition is free on Epic. I guess everyone who wants it has it by now, it's super cheap during sales. But if not, now's your chance.


Fearful asymmetry
This was donation-ware on Itch.io, but was turned into no-nation-ware thanks to the machinations of Tetris Holdings. I slipped the guy who made it a fiver anyway, because this is a really, really good take on Tetris, and worth installing on anything that will play it. The Game Boy Advance with a flash cart, the PSP, the Vita, the 3DS (which can run it natively!), the cheapie SF2000 handheld, your PC, your Android phone, whatever! Lots of different modes and a simple but sleek art style makes this colossally superior to T*HQ's dull Tetris Worlds, and better than Success's Japanese-exclusive Tetris.



Lapsed Threadcromancer
With the announcement of a new corrupted version of Marathon, I thought it was a good time to remind everyone that years ago Bungie released the source code for the original games and they've been rebuilt for a number OSes.

And you can get them all over at Aleph One!