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HEAVEN OR HELL! DC Comics win/loss tracker.


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Anyone on here ever read the 5YL LoSH stuff? I'm wrapping up a read of the run and the first major storyline all kick serious ass.

I've also seen some artwork for recent Detective issues that... has me uncomfortably tempted to read new comics again. Ugh.


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
So... Is Joker going to start wearing red and white now or black and blue? Maybe both depending on what persona he is currently in?

Octopus Prime

So I finished the Bendis run of Superman, and, honestly, I like Bendis in general, I enjoy the books he writes, the stories he has to tell and his writing style.

But Brian, please…

Not every character has to talk like Spider-Man.

It is weird when a primordial chaos god, scoured from the earth before life began, talks like Spider-Man

Positronic Brain

Out Of Warranty
So... Is Joker going to start wearing red and white now or black and blue? Maybe both depending on what persona he is currently in?
What did I miss?

(I'd google but all I'm getting under "Joker's canon name" are Persona 5 links. Damn you, Google!)


Video games
I strongly encourage you to check out how DC have retconned Superman's secret identity being openly known in the latest Action Comics
Did he sell his marriage to the Devil
I had to look it up, and apparently Lex Luthor was jealous Superman told everyone else his identity before him or something? And it's part of his evil Superman rebranding campaign? I don't know. Anyways, he hooked Manchester Black up to a machine that psychically wiped the memory of Superman's identity from everyone on the planet, and if someone does learn his identity, they'll stroke out and die.


..and his little cat, too
No, but there is a direct, pointed dig at this (One More Day) in the comic itself.
Oh, please share!

Because I much prefer the way they did it here.

In part because
Lex Luthor hating that people could see Superman as human just really, really seems to work.

Johnny Unusual

One of the best Silver Age stories is an "imaginary tale" where Luthor goes to jail, reforms and cures cancer just to lure Superman to his death.

Octopus Prime

Birthright is one of my all time favorite Superman stories because it made it so that reason Luthor hates Superman so much is because he had the audacity to scold Lex for faking a little tiny terrorist attack on Metropolis.