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HEAVEN OR HELL! DC Comics win/loss tracker.


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Oh, please share!



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can anyone recommend any particularly good stories that feature Lex Luthor as their villain? Not like deconstructions or anything, just good Luthor arcs.

Johnny Unusual

All-Star Superman is primarily a Superman story but it ends with Luthor and has a great issue dedicated to him and it's pretty great.

I also really like Up, Up and Away by Kurt Busiek, where Superman returns after a year-long absence (having been depowered and fighting crime as a journalist in his Clark Kent roll) to stop Luthor's latest plan.

52 also has a good Luthor arc but there's also a LOT going on, so it's just one of many, many threads. Frankly, even with that stacked writing team, it's amazing that weekly comic didn't completely crash and burn (which is what the subsequent attempt, Countdown, did).
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This is basically the same way Daredevil got his secret identity back, except without the finding out kills you part.


The Goggles Do Nothing
can anyone recommend any particularly good stories that feature Lex Luthor as their villain? Not like deconstructions or anything, just good Luthor arcs.

I hate giving such a lousy half answer, but I realized my favorite moments with Luthor in the last two decades have almost unanimously been situations where it was revealed in the third act that Luthor was secretly behind everything, and then you get like an issue explaining how he set up all the dominos, and... recommending any of those stories as Luthor stories kind of defeats the purpose. Also, he might be more of a story telling device in those situations than anything.

THAT SAID my absolute favorite Luthor arc is one where he is not strictly a villain, but Action Comics Vol 1 #890 starts The Black Ring arc that spiraled out of Green Lantern: Blackest Night. Basically, Lex Luthor had a power ring for five seconds during that story, and now he is on a universal quest to regain a Lantern power like that again. And this means he deals with heroes and villains across Earth and Space to get there. And, yes, the finale involves his favorite alien. It was a good time, and a quick Google search indicates it is at least available on Kindle.


Also, is Superman Adventures from the 90's still available? Anything that came out of the animated series has a great Luthor.

Octopus Prime

So I started reading Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, after having it recommended endlessly, and, for one thing, this is straight up True Grit, with Kara Zor-el instead of Jeff Bridges.

For another thing;


It is friggin’ exceptional

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
I need to go back and finish it. I read the first half when it went up on DC Infinite, but never finished.

Tom King is going to destroy the DC Universe, as he keeps writing some of the best stories with DC characters, which are all explicitly out of continuity, but if the best stories are not continuity, what is the point of continuity?
You know, while the first three episodes of the show was really cute, I was secretly hoping that Lois would figure out Superman's secret identity sooner than later. It never made sense to me that the best investigative journalist on the planet couldn't put 2+2 together right under her nose. I hope it sticks, and there isn't some shenanigans that get in the way
I know they're enjoyable, I like it too, but I like it when Lois is competent at her job lol.

Also they can explore other, fun, dynamics! Like this!

That's novel!