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Gunnerkrigg status: Still rad!


The Goggles Do Nothing
Coyote is introduced as the counterpoint to the stodgy, old, and possibly corrupt leadership of the court. He's a big weirdo, but you've been trained by stories to believe that Coyote will be the unwilling teacher of the plucky young hero when the fussnuts on the other side try to close down the youth center or something.

Loup introduced himself with incredible violence, and then proceeded to transform the familiar forest and court into some kind of post-apocalyptic, "bad future" mess.

The fact that Loup got any votes at all seems like the most surprising thing of all...


stuck in baby prison
I figure the last two have to be Annie and Renard, so the real question is whether Renard will upstage Annie in her own comic.


I thought the same, but then I remembered that Mort is also in the Top 10. And he had way less screentime than Renard.
Also, I just can't imagine him not being in the Top 10 at all, so I feel like he must come up here.


Im still holding out for him! If he isn't in the top two he'll probably be the second person in the Annie picture.

q 3

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Weren't Annie votes split between Forest Annie and Court Annie? I guess it's possible all the Annie votes went to Forest as the first-appearing of the two.


A Bard Named SPOONY
I'm actually not sure. I can't quite see Reynard being #1, but I also can't see him being out of the top 10 and his absence thus far as well as Annie's spot in #2 suggests that it is actually so.

Or maybe we'll all be trolled and it'll just be frickin Boxbot or something.

Beta Metroid

At peace
(he/him and such)
I know it doesn't mean much now that we've got to this point, but when this started, I would have 100% locked in Kat, Annie, and Renard as top 3, and wouldn't have been surprised to see them arranged in any order between the three of them. Renard is the least prominent character of the three, but he's also a dog/fox/wolf with a complicated past that is/has spent a considerable amount of time being sarcastic, noble, and witty. His character has had a clear arc. He has cool powers and can look regal, adorable, or mischievous. There is tons of appeal there for a wide range of readers. I don't think I voted him my #1, but I have complete confidence he'll take the top spot tomorrow.
Gonna be real for a sec: I am intensely disinterested in literally every single juvenile love story in this comic, and the focus on such creeps me out.


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Staff member
I remember I voted for Smitty and Gamma but I don't remember the third vote.

The thing about Gunnerkrigg Court is that the emphasis is less on the individual characters and more on the duos who bring out each other's interesting aspects.