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Femaledome - Music Pixel Dream Girls

Johnny Unusual

R-Type and Super Metroid move on.

Match 37​

Next we have "You're Not Here" from Silent Hill 3 by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn against "Valley" from Pokemon Snap by Ikuko Mimori.

@Purple and @conchobhar gave us these.

Match 38​

Then it's Ico's "Castle in the Mist" from Michiru Oshima against "Wily's Castle" from Mega Man 5 by Mari Yamaguchi

From @conchobhar and @SpoonyBard



What's Shenmue?
"Valley" and "Castle in the Mist", natch. ;)

The first match-up pains me a little. "You're Not Here" is superb, among my favourites in this dome, and would have definitely earned my vote if it weren't up against a track I've had stuck in my head since 1999. I certainly won't be disappointed if it wins.

Johnny Unusual


Silent Hill 3 and Ico move on!
Match 39​

It's "Northern Hemisphere" from Donkey Kong Country by Eveline Fischer against Castlevania's "Wicked Child" by Kinuyo Yamashita.

Via @RT-55J and @WildcatJF

Match 40​

And we end the round with "Generations of Serenity" from The Legend of Mana by Yoko Shimomura facing off against "Confronting Yourself" from Celeste by Lena Raine.

From @Violentvixen and @SpoonyBard



What's Shenmue?
"Generations of Serenity" and "Wicked Child". I actually considered putting "Wicked Child" in my nominations so I'm glad someone else chose it— actually my favourite track in the original Castlevania.

Johnny Unusual

Castlevania wins big and in a very close match Celeste makes it to the next round.

Round 4​

Match 41​

Watch your feet as the next match has a heel-turn of the theme. It's "First Steps" from Celeste by Lena Raine against "Dual Tango" from Napple Tale: Arisia in Daydream by Yoko Kanno.

From @Issun and me!

Match 42​

Then we head to space to fight extraterrestrial evil with R-Type Final 2 with "Final Point: Center of the Planet Bydo" by Yuki Iwai against Super Metroid's "Maridia Rocky Underwater Area" by Minako Hamano.

From @Regulus and @RT-55J