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Drawing Lots and Lots of Little Pictures- A Cartoon Thread

R.R. Bigman

Coolest Guy
Season 2 of Primal started last week. It continues to be both amazing, and largely ignored online due to not having the aspects Online Cartoon Fans look for in a series.


A most radical pontiff
(He, Him)
I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it. Got too many things in the hopper. Still getting caught up on Tuca and Bertie’s improbable new season and it’s remarkably accurate and chilling depiction of what it’s like to walk in on an alcoholic just after a bender.

That uh, that touched a nerve.


I'm watching Primal! It's great! I just don't have much to say about it yet.

I did not know Tuca and Bertie was back.


can stop, will stop
I loved the first season of Primal, just haven't had a chance to start watching the new season yet. Looking forward to it!