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does the Underpants Dance
Old King Allant might still be my favorite Souls final boss of the whole series, and I already love the Gwyn fight quite a bit (its only real competition for the title, imho).

Paul le Fou

24/7 lofi hip hop man to study/relax to
I've been putting off Old King Allant because wahhh he's hard and I'm not keen on losing any more soul levels, so I started a sorcerer. I sprinted for the crescent falchion +1 in 4-1 as soon as I could, and started poking through 3-1 relatively early too and picked up the silver crown, silver catalyst, magical sharpness ring and kris blade. I usually run the crescent falchion (which I just got to +3 after finally going back to 4-1 and picking up some moonshadestone (what a name) shards and chunks from lizards and the farm reaper. As in the reaper you farm with the bow, not a scythe used in a field. Eh, you know. I've beaten Tower Knight, Armor Spider and Adjudicator, just gotta go back for Fool's Idol though I'm not looking forward to that one (considering I used bow cheese last time...) (Though I do have a +6 shortbow now...) But I'm sure they have a spell for their soul so I'll

Spellwise, I have the fireball toss, the soul arrow, and I just picked up fire spray (the auto-fire small fireballs). I'm not entirely sure about that one yet, it's hard to get a read so far on whether it's better DPS than the fire toss. They hit for so little each, but you just hold down the button and number go up... But on bosses I'm usually using the bigger shots anyway. Maybe I should've saved that one for the Yuria spell? Oh well.

Cloak has been pretty awesome help against the dreaded mind flayers, getting me into range to blast them with two flame tosses and delete them before they can do their hideous deeds. But I just looked it up and it doesn't actually stack with the thief ring after all. Oh well! Frees up the ring slot (cloak is better stealth anyway, it turns out). I also just got Warding, though, so my slots are suddenly at a premium again, and I bet the two don't stack. Maybe I should just get Protection so I can have both learned though.

Any other tips for a magic build? I thought there was some other piece of equipment that regenerated MP besides the crescent enchant and the ring, but seems like the two I was thinking of just increase max mp. OH, FUNNY STORY did you know that if you put away your catalyst e.g. to take a shield out, you lose the max MP from that? That's so great and makes so much sense. (It's not a lot so it's not going to screw me or anything, but it is an annoyance!) Anyway, is there any other good stuff for a caster that I can or should pick up? There's the Shade heater shield but that just blocks magic, doesn't really do much for a caster otherwise, right?

Paul le Fou

24/7 lofi hip hop man to study/relax to
On solid advice that I should have known myself, I downgraded my armor (and added the Havel ring equivalent) to get to medium-roll, then went back to Allant and got him on the first try. I weirdly felt like I was taking less damage even from the hits I did eat. I guess it's true, Fashion Souls is all that matters, at least when it comes to picking apart few-point gains to min-max. Once I got in the rhythm it was pretty straightforward but I came close to getting squished a couple times. Good fight, I see how it established the mold for the standard future souls boss template.

Not sure what to try for the NG+ run I got unceremoniously dumped into (Talk about mean, making you fight through a stage and a boss holding all of your endgame soul rewards! I mean, it was easy enough, I did die once when I derped off the side of a fall but that's it, but talk about stressful. All just to get back the three levels I lost to Allant in the first place!

Speaking of Fashion Souls, I have the monk's headwrap from another successful "invasion" for the Monk where the player died well before they ever entered the room, and I'm torn. It's got the magical sharpness feature - more damage, less defense - and the headpiece I'm wearing otherwise is just the silver circlet for more max MP. So I should totally be wearing it, but... Jesus. It's huge and bulky and...ugh. It's not even like, fun-ugly, it's just ugly.

The Kris blade I realized doesn't have that much of an effect at its unleveled state, so I don't have to worry about switching off my crescent falchion until I find like, 2 or 3 colorless demon souls, wherever I'm supposed to get those.

Sorcerer is fun in this game because MP building is a thing - you can increase your max, you can spec for mana regen (I appreciate the same about health regen too, I love that it's a thing you can reliably do. It's technically there in the intervening games, but even in Elden Ring where there are a lot of sources of MP regen, only a few stack, but at least you can do it) and you have the classic offense-for-defense tradeoff (also vice-versa, which is an option that disappeared later on, sadly).

That said, I'm feeling the need for more spells. I did just get poison cloud and I'm rocking soul ray now, which is pretty sweet, but I'm wondering how much other variety there'll be. If there isn't much, I'll likely get distracted and move on to replaying DS1 again before finishing the magic run.