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from software

  1. Fyonn

    BOOST KICK 2023: Let's Play Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

    After the relative failure of Armored Core: Verdict Day and explosive popularity of Dark Souls, Armored Core 6 is a game I thought was never going to be made. After it's announcement, it's a game I was worried would be a disappointment. After all, Armored Core is a franchise full of games I...
  2. Paul le Fou

    Armored Core VI Announced, but will it have Patches?!

    I've never played an Armored Core game, but for a good long while starting in the PS1 era, the mech combat series was From Software's backbone. The last entry or entries had some overlap with Demon's Souls and Dark Souls release dates, but the series has been dormant for nearly 10 years. Leaks...
  3. Alixsar

    Elden Ring is finally real

  4. air_show

    Sekiro might be the second hardest game I've ever played

    First hardest being Thumper, but considering how Sekiro is absolutely DESTROYING me and I don't think I've even beaten the first official boss yet, I have a strong feeling it may be dethroned by this fucker. It's just so punishing. Like, while fighting normal enemies I feel like the game...
  5. spines


    I guess this game is a little old now and it seems like most people either have played it or won't, but I picked this up on a sale in January and I've poked at it a bit when I'm in the mood. I've had mixed feelings to some degree about a lot of the previous fromsoft character action/rpgs...
  6. Issun

    Let's Die One Last Time: LttP Dark Souls III

    Yes, it took me this long to play it. I wanted to play them all in order and now here I am. First impressions: I enjoyed Demon's, Dark II, and Bloodborne, but from the get go on this one, it feels like I'm
  7. Ludendorkk

    Demon's Souls

    A thread for From Software's first, and to this gamers's eyes still best, entry in their series of seminal action RPGs. With an upcoming remake from Bluepoint Games as flagship software for the Playstation 5, more eyes than ever will be on Hidetaka Miyazaki's first masterpiece. Let strength...
  8. Paul le Fou


    For discussion of malaria, syphilis, the beast plague, hepatitis, eyes on the inside of your brain, HIV, and other pathogens spread through the blood. Also, it's an old party: we're all late to it at this point, or we've been hanging around long after the host's gone to bed and nursing our...