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Alienated almost every baseball fan I live in close proximity to by supporting the Dodgers over the Giants.

That's okay. I'm not really a huge sports guy. It mostly just fun to watch people here in NorCal sputter when you don't automatically love the Giants (this also goes for not loving the 49ers.)
1) Hah. I've been That Guy before. The contrarian sports fan just trying to needle their friends. Don't push your boundaries too far. Your friends will still love you, but they'll also think you're being a dick.
2) Depends on where you are in Norcal. Growing up in the Central Valley, being a Giants or Niners fan made you the contrarian/in the minority. Historically, The Valley has much more Raiders and A's fans, and you were the contrarian if you liked the Niners or the Giants. That's lessened a lot over the decades as the Raiders bounced around, both teams were generally attrocious for long periods of time, and The Oakland Coliseum kept decaying into a cesspool nobody wants to visit. This also being CA, there's tons of transplants that bring their fandom with them all over the place. It's hardly an ubiquitous thing where everyone loves the Giants/Niners without condition. What people do like, is winners and excuses to party, and both teams have provided those excuses to party more often in recent history than their regional competitors. So there's a lot of casual sports fan support these days for both teams.


I usually just cheer for the California team because they so rarely all make it playoffs, and not usually against each other. I'm from SoCal though and my mom's family is from Brooklyn. My uncle remembers when they were still in Brooklyn, and attended games, so Dodgers it is.
The Cardinals have fired Mike Shildt today, which is truly insane from an on-field perspective. The president of operations said it was a "philosophical difference" with no other explanation which has led to a lot of poor speculation. mostly revolving around differences in free agent approach or mike shildt wanting to replace the hitting coach. either way, seems bad. he had the player's trust as far as anyone has ever reported

in better news, great game so far for sf v la. maybe the most important game played between the two ever.


They just played the clip of Thomson's home run on the broadcast, so I don't think anyone's forgotten about it. But I thinkt hat technically wasn't a postseason game.
All this rhetoric about the Giants and Dodgers never meeting before in the playoffs drives me insane


Literally the greatest game of baseball history and everyone acts like it never happened
well, i think it's meant to come with the cache of "in their current incarnations" as san francisco and los angeles franchises. like, posited towards the current fanbases and the rivalry that comes from the location difference.
Im not gonna quibble about any one of many moments in the game that could have changed the outcome. I’m just going to redirect that energy towards hating MLB in general. How dumb do you have to be to allow this series to happen as a best of 5, in the first fucking round. Why would you ever allow a potential scenario to play out where the two best teams in the entire league have to play each other in the first round!? This should have been game 5 of 7, and it should have been for the pennant. Everyone involved was poorly served by this.


I think letting the top seed in each league pick their opponent - rather than being forced to play the wild card winner - is a pretty simple fix to that problem.