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Slam Master
(he, etc.)
Very curious to see where Realmuto ends up. Sounds like Philly wants him to stay, but they'll have to pay for him.


I feel like Spiders would present branding problems of its own. Ararchnophobia is just too common.
Spiders evoke a primal fear in the way those don’t, kinda like snakes do. And unlike bears or tigers, most people have to actually confront and see spooders on a regular basis instead of them merely existing in the abstract. So it’s something else imo. But you can make spiders anthropomorphized and cute to be a mascot if you wanted to and were afraid of losing branding/merchandising opportunities. I think it would be an awesome idea.
fwiw, there's also the blues that they used way back in the day, but if it's not gonna be spiders, i do actually think the naps would work. would people have a problem if they connected it to napolean bonaparte and made a goofy little french general a mascot? who knows...
they just cannot be the Cleveland Baseball Team though. We can't be broadcasting CBT all over like that.
here's some good news:

of course, the negro leagues never needed to be legitimized, but this will hopefully allow for some better archival and research into negro league stats. Hopefully this leads to some good for the negro leagues museum as well. Worth a visit to KC (it's also right by the jazz museum, a two for one for your post pandemic sojourns into black american culture)


The really huge thing this is gonna have, I think, is that it's going to change a lot of major league records and historical major league stat trends. I'm really interested to see what research this leads to. It's very exciting
Lindor trade!
big news of the week obviously

Not much to say other than it's gotta be frustrating to be a Cleveland fan, but I guess some pros and cons about the move
Pro: one of the best personalities in the game is now in a huge media market. If MLB/Mets/whomever else don't make the effort to make Lindor more of a household name, they never will
Con: just the general trend of central teams is a bit scary for league wages. Cleveland always sheds money it seems, but it's going throuhgout everything. The NL central looks like 5 teams that have given up.


The Blue Jays signed George Springer! Phew - it was looking for a moment there like they might miss in all their targets.
yea deleted now, guess it was a false report, but it got every big name

this was the tweet fwiw


Oh shit, the Jays signed Marcus Semien too! 1 yr, 18 million - not a bad deal, even if he ends up just having an average season. And if he repeats 2019? Whoa, this becomes a scary good lineup.


Eh, if the price for Schilling not getting in is that Bonds and Clemens also don't get in, I'll take it.


Post Reader
Someday the dam will break on the steroids era, but we'll probably have to wait for a lot of crochety sports writers to die first.
The problem is that after ten years the only chance steroid users will have is the veteran committees, which will be even worse on the issue.
Eh, if the price for Schilling not getting in is that Bonds and Clemens also don't get in, I'll take it.
Lmao. Half of the Baseball HoF is filled with Jim Crow racists from a time when America was segregated. But we’re gonna moralize about PEDs that everyone across all sports at the time was taking. Halls of Fame are scams.


You misunderstand me. I'm not moralizing about PEDs. I'm moralizing about Curt Schilling being a virulently racist, COVID-denying, insurrection-cheering, Qanon scumbag. I don't care at all about Bonds and Clemens' PED use - although if one does want to cite the character clause against either of them, both have a history of abusing women.

Absolutely agreed that reconciling the Hall of Fame as museum and the Hall of Fame as an awards show are impossible tasks. I'm much more a fan of the idea of just having museum that talks about all of baseball history, and removing the popularity contest.
Gotcha. Seems like we are pretty much in complete agreeance then, my bad for the misinterpretation. I'd like to see Bonds get in, just to stick it to stuffy old racist septuagenarians, and his pre-roids career is more than HoF-worthy on its own, but ya. I'd trade him for Curt any day, fuck that asshole.

The thing I don't get about sports is this desire to make every athlete into a role model for little kids, despite the fact that modeling your life off of a professional athlete - even the righteous eagle scout ones - is probably the worst advice you could give little kids growing up if you want them to be well adjusted members of society. "Winning" at the cost of literally everything isn't great advice. And the vast majority of athletes don't get to be where they are without having massive egos and being completely sociopathic. To say nothing about the inherent nature of youth sports that grinds up little kids and spits them out, all in order to find glory and tons of money for a select few. I think sports writers are just so in love with both romanticizing their sports, and the idea of perfect idols like Jackie Robinson that they can't help themselves from perpetuating this nonsense.