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Absurd Extracts: What Is the "Best" Post?

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One reason why news outlets may have chosen to cover Gohmert’s losing a crown during a news conference, as opposed to widespread election fraud, is because only one of those things actually happened.


What's Shenmue?
In fact I notice today us modern folks have ahard time comprehending how people can follow one random person to start a riot or pogrom minorities or go to war or such. Not just Hitler but people in this modern age are flabbagastered by the stupidity how the masses can follow a single person who's even unqualified to be a leader. In other words we in this modern age cannot understand the word "charisma".

I'll use myself as an example. I was never the "follow the leader" type of person who preferred to be a rugged nonconformist.

Until I watched Rose of Versailles. The protagonists of this work of fiction is arguably one of the MOST CHARISMATIC HEROINES in all of fiction and at the very least one of the top 5 most charismatic female protagonist in anime/manga, if not #1. Even people who aren't into anime/manga find themselves enchanted by Oscar Francois de Jarjayes.

As I was watching I was at a loss of words of what a regal and heroic aura Oscar inspired. I COULD HAVE SWORN had I been in the French Revolution I would have followed her to the end. I mean for the first time in my life when I was watching Rose of Versailles years ago I wanted to copy someones style from dress they wore to their mannerisms and so forte. She simply inspires such POWER.

After entering the Versailles fandom whenever I read about Adolf Hitler I couldn't help but wonder if he oozed the same charisma Oscar had, if not more. After I watched some German clips of him even taking into consideration of how evil he was I was simply magnified by his presence. Just a typical speech and he was giving an aura of magnificent power! Years prior I was with the crowd that Hitler was a Batshit inane lunatic and couldn't comprehend why anyone would follow him.


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The Space Force is basically a division of the Air Force that is in the process of developing operational autonomy. The Air Force was already the dorkiest part of the military.

What are they going to do? Mostly just spend money, I think.


Find Your Reason
Aside from the "I'm learning Photoshop!" design of... everything, I particularly appreciate the Semper Supra/Always Above watermarks. They're almost subliminal.


My way, soon
Space Force is Exhibit A that Trump has the mind of a 1st grader.

Also you know they totes wanted to call themselves Guardians of the Galaxy but decided to shorten it because someone along the chain realized that would be too obvious even for Space Force.


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More likely they're all Destiny fans.

E: Alt joke that just occured to me; I wonder if they'll cause selective amnesia like certain other Guardian Forces of my awareness?




definitely not a robot
A job posting said:
Office/Personal assistant

Contractor looking for a full time personal assistant to administrate company office in [city]. Bathroom is an incinerator toilet. Super cool, just different.


This subreddit is fair game? I thought the people in there were too awful to post here.

I read this today, and yeah, it's fascinating.


definitely not a robot
"What if furries don't exist in 5 years?" has some serious "Do you know something I don't?" energy.


I wasn't aware of that, if it is a problem I can remove it.

Not at all, I only assumed stuff from there would be too much. Elsewise I would have posted stuff from there myself.

Just my assumption, I like your post. :) Sorry, if it sounded like critizism.


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That subreddit is almost entirely filled with posts by people who already know the answer and are just looking for confirmation.


Women want fish fear meme
I must've been around 11-12 years old, when I realized that "in order of appearance" during the end credits of a movie doesn't list the actors/actresses by who is the most good looking.


The DRKest Roe
(He, Him)
Honestly that line was what made me most want to post it, I laughed harder at that line than anything in quite a while.


My way, soon
I work with someone who I suspect is a furry and he also might be a better person than I will ever be, so I'm hesitant to judge people simply because they subscribe to that particular lifestyle.


Summon for hire
I don't think anyone here would argue with you Issun; the wry humor is just in the dad's attempts to disbelieve that his daughter's stumbled onto a way to support herself doing something she enjoys (that he doesn't understand).