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A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy: The Star Wars Thread


He also force chokes someone who's miles away on another starship
Same ship, but up on the bridge.
And other people do that. Snoke force-pushes dudes around Star Destroyer bridges during video calls, for example. I'm not going to say no-one else ever pulls the telekinesis trick off, but Vader's one of the few to do it in a big scene like that, so in the modern context it comes off as surprisingly scary.


Find Your Reason
Also, Vader was first. By the time Snoke did it we kind of expected it from someone at the top of the food chain, but Vader just idly doing it through a screen without even lifting a finger was the breakthrough moment.


If you haven’t watched the Final Season of Clone Wars you need to watch the Final Season of Clone Wars. This is the ending this series deserved to have gotten.

It’s three arcs. The first, the Bad Batch arc, is mostly a straightforward Clone Wars action arc. Though it does have one fantastic bit at the end where Anakin straight up murders a dude in cold blood; it’s one of the few times Clone Wars actually lets Anakin’s bloodthirsty dictator out to play, and it’s super effective. Especially since it communicates that one of the reasons he’s been relatively restrained through most of Clone Wars is that he’s been trying to act like a role model for Ahsoka.

The second arc is Ahsoka doing heist shenanigans with a pair of girls from the Coruscant underworld. It’s... Okay? There’s a bit that really feels like it’s padded for time, but one of Ahsoka’s lines later on puts it in context: since she became a Jedi she’s only been allowed to be a soldier. This is the first time she’s gotten to just try and help people and... She doesn’t really know what she’s doing.

The final arc is cleaning up some loose ends with Mandalore and Maul, and it’s incredible. It fills in the gap in Maul’s story between his earlier Clone Wars appearances and Rebels, and puts a lot of context down for his relationship to Sideous. Maul is wonderful here; it’s possibly his best appearance. He’s utterly and completely irredeemable and it’s played to very good effect. And the duel between him and Ahsoka is perfect.

The best thing about the arc is that it takes place concurrently with Revenge of the Sith. The constant reminders of what’s happening over in the film are so well handled. There’s a couple moments in particular that just make your stomach drop out because you can see the train wreck coming... And the characters often get to see it just before it hits them. The best part is the way it teases a conversation between Ahsoka and Anakin that we know can’t happen, but dangles the question of what would have changed if it had.

I was extremely skeptical of Ahsoka when I watched the Clone Wars film... But from the other end of a series that was ultimately about her, I think she’s the best thing to come out of the prequel era. Anakin spurns the help the Jedi offer him; the Masters tolerate his bullshit long past the point they should have cut him off. Ahsoka wants to be what the order expects of her, but finds that impossible ... And also starts questioning whether what they want is a good thing to be. Anakin is given every advantage and opportunity and fails; Ahsoka is subjected to unbearable pressure and ultimately is failed... And still wants to find a way to use her talents to help others.


Post Reader
The second arc is why I really don't get why people praise the show so much. For every admittedly quite good third arc there's a second arc just around the corner.


Arm Candy
You make it sound like a bloated, overpraised JRPG.

"It gets really good around five hours in!"


You make it sound like a bloated, overpraised JRPG.

"It gets really good around five hours in!"
In this case, someone clearly wanted enough episodes to make a "full season" rather than just releasing a four-episode finale. The Martez sisters are fun, and there's good stuff in the arc... But there's not four episodes of good stuff in it.