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star wars

  1. air_show

    An important Star Wars question:

    Note: I want you to go full death of the author on this. Absolutely do not take into account the intentions of George Lucas or any other creative force that has ever worked on any Star Wars media in a way that establishes general canon. I want you to go with your gut. What do you believe in...
  2. Becksworth

    Bad Jedi, Good Games. Jedi: Fallen Order/Survivor

    So Jedi Survivor is getting glowing reviews. Not sure I'm getting it at launch with everything else I'm trying to get to before Zelda drops, but it's definitely on the radar for me. Discuss Star Wars themed Souls-lite/Metroidvania/Prince of Persia-likes with a penchant for mass murder here.
  3. air_show

    So the Mandalorian got me thinking about The Force... (probably massive spoilers)

    Ok so I watched the Mandalorian recently, late to the party on account of I just don't make the time to watch shows as often as I used to. And I loved it. I thought it was pretty wonderful start to finish, and though there were things that didn't sit right with me by the end of Season 2 I...
  4. Felicia

    Star Wars vs Star Trek: Let's settle this once and for all

    Scene: Princess Leia talking to Captain Janeway. "So that small badge on your chest, it's a long-range communicator?" "Yes, but not only that, it's also an automatic translator. It immediately translates practically any language that I hear, without me having to do anything. Most of the time I...
  5. Adrenaline


    This thread is for discussing The Mandalorian, the Star Wars TV show on Disney+. The second season premiered today. I have not watched it yet.
  6. SpoonyBard

    The Disney+ thread of ever-growing entertainment monopolies

    So Disney+ has been a thing for nearly a year now, I'm a fairly recent adopter. Eventually the siren's call of the Mandalorian, catching up on the DuckTales reboot, and All Of The Simpsons was just too much to bear. Plus it's been neat to revisit some old Disney shorts and I can watch Donald...
  7. Felicia

    Star Wars sequel-sequel trilogy ideas

    I'm not sure if this would be the right place to post this, but ever since seeing Rise of Skywalker, I've begun to have ideas about what a new trilogy of movies set after it would be like, and I would like to express them in some way (without clogging up the main Star Wars thread). Here's my...
  8. 4-So

    A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy: The Star Wars Thread

    Rise of Skywalker wasn't that bad. No, I'm not trying to stir the pot. Yes, I just needed something to start the thread with.