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Also the bit where COOL GIRL (no I won't learn her name) was on the run from the military because she didn't wanna do a photo op was just that one episode of Sonic X.

You know the one.

The one where Sonic gets sick air on a little kid's wheelchair.

I dunno how business-wise it is to make a show that - from what I can tell - is Rebels Pt2 live action when the broader, casual audience is likely actively turned off by cartoons. But if Paramount/CBS decided to make a live action sequel to say, Star Trek: Prodigy I would be hooting and hollering. So good on Disney for not being completely allergic to risk here and I’m genuinely happy for Rebels fans.


Threat Rhyme
You definitely get a lot more out of this if you've seen both Clone Wars and Rebels. While it's great to see a follow-up to Rebels' ending, and I enjoy the live-action casting of those characters, I can't help but feel like the overall 'tone' is off.
Episode 3 was pretty good, with no qualifiers or caveats. Good job, Ahsoka.

Also, I guess this show is going to go live on Tuesdays at 9pm est/6pm pst. I greatly appreciate that.