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  1. Lokii

    Tiny consoles they're so small

    The smaller the better I say! I I want to step on the Dreamcast Mini when I don't see it hiding among the kid's legos. I want to accidentally eat the N64 Classic after it fell into my bowl of cheerios. I want my mitochondria fighting over who gets the next turn on the 35th anniversary Game Boy...
  2. Positronic Brain

    Playstation 5 (You Know, the Sequel to PlayStation 4)

    it's like two PS4s taped together! In volume, at least. This thing is huge. Like, pictures don't do it justice. It's a behemoth. It's also an interesting machine with an interesting set of decisions. I don't know why they changed the way the PS guide button works to be less intuitive, or why...
  3. Peklo

    30 years of the Super Famicom

    Today is the day! Celebrate a system that is surely one of the foundational, or codifying, cornerstones of this forum's affinity for the entire medium, if past precedent has proven anything. Stick to the Japanese original, or tangent into the subsequent localized releases, it all derives from...
  4. Lokii

    How can I buy a PS5?

    This is a serious thread and I'm looking for real advice here. I haven't bought a Sony console since the PSP (unless the PSX Mini counts) and it feels weird to want a new one, especially one at launch, especially with all the barriers in place this year, and yet I find myself in a position where...
  5. Kazin

    The Nintendo 3DS is dead. Long live the 3DS!

    Nintendo is apparently discontinuing the 3DS line, which brings to an end the dual screen era, one of my favorite eras of games. Let's talk about it here. I put the most hours into Animal Crossing, but Theatrhythm Curtain Call is one of the best games ever made and is also way up there. The RPG...
  6. Yimothy

    Hardware Failure Thread of Inevitable Disaster

    My PSP’s stick is intermittently drifting to the right. I’ve had a look online and some people reckon that by going to the system information screen and twirling the stick you can recalibrate it. I’ve tried, not sure if it makes any difference. At the moment when it happens I’m moving the nub in...
  7. upupdowndown

    the next next gen: talking about the ninth generation of videogame consoles

    it is really, really weird that we're like two and a half months away from the PS5 and Xbox Series X* being released, and we still don't know when we can buy them or how much they'll cost. that being said, as a filthy casual who only games on console, I'm excited about picking up a PS5! the...
  8. Kazin

    Hardware Mods - the thread of "wtf is shorting out this time?!"

    I figured this was worth its own thread, since a lot of what I want to do with it is show pictures of my mods, including my latest GBA one: So, this is a Funnyplaying IPS v2 with clear buttons, pre-modded shell, white conductive pads, and a white tempered glass screen. I soldered the...
  9. Positronic Brain

    You Say TurboGrafx, I Say CoreGrafx (Let’s Call The Whole Mini Console Thing Off)

    So I finally managed to get my hands on one of these Mini CoreGrafx things (TurboGrafx 16 Mini to you, Americans, and PC Engine Mini for you Japanese). The TG16 is the one console I never saw in the wild, so besides a few games in the WiiVC I had never interacted with its library, so I was...
  10. ThornGhost

    Playstation 5 is (maybe) a real thing that is (maybe) happening

    I didn't see another PS5 thread, so here we go! Sony is now taking sign ups to be entered into a lottery to get a chance to pre-order a PS5 as long as supplies last. So that's something, if only barely. Apparently applicants will be chosen "based on previous interests and PlayStation...
  11. ShakeWell

    The High Definition Retrogaming Thread (Including CRT/BVM/PVM Chatter)

    Bringing this one back with a new MLiG video about Game Boy and Game Boy Advance screen mods.
  12. Phantoon

    MiSTer: the thread of cycle accuracy

    I thought Shakewell's excellent thread from the old place should continue here. So, what is MiSTer? It's a homebrew system for playing classic games, continuing where the MiST left off. Why not get a mini console / Raspberry Pi? They're cheaper and easier to set up. This is true, but these...
  13. Mr. Sensible

    Hard EverDrivin'! Flash cartridges & ODEs

    Continuing ShakeWell's thread from the Before Times, let's talk about stuff like Everdrives and optical drive emulators! So I recently started playing GBC Mario Golf on my Everdrive-GB, and I found myself enjoying it so much that I sought out a real copy of the game to play instead. However...
  14. Becksworth

    The Oasis (still) Sucks: Talking About VR Gaming

    VR is still kicking around, though mass adoption still looks to be a pipe dream. As if selling people on VR wasn’t hard enough, Occulus intends to force Facebook integration on its user whether they want that or not.
  15. Becksworth

    Retrogaming Hardware

    Pi builds, FPGAs devices, clone consoles/flash carts, those open Dingux handhelds that exploded in the past year or so, and Android handhelds/microconsoles are all good examples of what I’m talking about. The primary purpose of many of these is retro gaming and emulation, so being able to...