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Playstation 5 (You Know, the Sequel to PlayStation 4)

Positronic Brain

Out Of Warranty
it's like two PS4s taped together! In volume, at least. This thing is huge. Like, pictures don't do it justice. It's a behemoth.

It's also an interesting machine with an interesting set of decisions. I don't know why they changed the way the PS guide button works to be less intuitive, or why there's not a generic trophy option in the menu. Or why there's no way to keep a PS4 disc game from installing when you are only using the disc to unlock the PS5 versionm.

But it has some really nice details. It's ridiculously silent. The setup is a snap! And activities are nice, although I haven't seen the promised time estimates in the one game I've tried, Astro's Playroom.

Which, to be honest, is a really nice surprise! It's been so long since consoles came with a pack-in, and this is a very charming platformer full of references to PlayStation story. It's basically a Dual Sense tech demo, but it's a charming and fun one. And I have the GPU song stuck in my head.

So, how's been your PS5 experience so far?


I've heard the fan kick on maybe a handful of times during Demon's Souls and AC: Valhalla but that was after playing for hours, and the fan never stays on for long nor is it loud, which is far more than I can say for the PS4. Yes, the system runs quiet otherwise. Loading times in both of those games are not eliminated but are barely perceptible.

My favorite feature thus far is probably the DualSense. I have a tendency to turn off vibration immediately in any game I play but the haptics in this thing have been so nice, I haven't been tempted to turn them off, especially in Demon's Souls where you can feel the chug-chug of the elevators or the roar of the dragon. In addition to that, the Tempest 3D audio is actually pretty cool. I don't care to play with headphones but I started up Demon's Souls with them on, just to try out the audio, and I was fairly impressed. I don't think it was game changing but it certainly made the world feel fuller, richer. I'll have to give it a go in some other titles to really get a bead on it but it piqued my interest enough to consider seriously looking at a 7.1 surround setup.

I haven't tried any PS4 games on it yet because I suspect some of them will be getting patches for PS5 play but I'm curious about revisiting (and maybe finally finishing) Horizon Zero Dawn on this system. Also curious how Overwatch fares here; some of the loading/rendering in that game is bad even on a PS4 Pro (when compared to a One X and certainly PC.)
Loading times in both of those games are not eliminated but are barely perceptible.
I used to have a rhythm in Asscreed games, where whenever I fast-traveled or otherwise entered a loading screen, I would whip my phone out to look at a few websites, or get up to get a drink or something in the 30-50 second loading screens. And in Valhalla, you don't even have enough time to put the controller down before you're back in the game. Which is kind of mind breaking. It's even more mind breaking when you return from eagle-vision and the game doesn't have to do any loading to do so (which was always a gigantic bummer using the eagle in previous games). This is the biggest game changer to me. And going back to play a game on Switch and having to sit through load screens again was honestly jarring.

My favorite feature thus far is probably the DualSense.
One thing I've appreciated greatly in the DualSense over the DS4 is just how good the audio sounds coming out of the controller's audio jack. On my launch-DS4s, the audio always sounded compressed and minorly garbled because of whatever compression was happening through the controller's bluetooth connection. The sound would also intermittently disconnect for half a second every couple dozen minutes. Now it sounds significantly better, and the audio connection is rock solid. The DS4's audio port and built-in mic also work as selectable audio devices when you hook it up to a PC. So I've actually been using the DualSense for both with increasing frequency, especially when my current speaker system for my PC is going on the fritz, and the DualSense is working better than those speakers ever have.

Plex app for PS5 is still garbage though. I mean, it works mostly, but it still takes a shit whenever I try to load 4K content through it.