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Paul le Fou

24/7 lofi hip hop man to study/relax to
For discussion of malaria, syphilis, the beast plague, hepatitis, eyes on the inside of your brain, HIV, and other pathogens spread through the blood.

Also, it's an old party: we're all late to it at this point, or we've been hanging around long after the host's gone to bed and nursing our beers in the backyard.

ANYWAY! To summarize the other thread:

I finally checked off the blatant hole in my Souls list and played Bloodborne, starting a bit over a month ago. I made it through the base game OK by summoning help on bosses, naturally. I never quite found a weapon to rival the Saw Cleaver on my first playthrough, thought the Boom Hammer came very close. On my NG+ run, I switched to the pizza cutter and have been having fun lumberjack-buzzsawing the legs off of giant beasts; of late, I added the Amygdalan Arm to my arsenal as my second weapon for its super wide area coverage and its creepy & powerful R2 attacks (normal and charged) with their extra hits and insanely long range. I'm reaching the point in the game where I'm no longer Crazy OP, and my stats are mostly maxed at hard caps, so the balance is starting to catch up with me. I'm at 50 strength and vitality, so attack and HP can only barely creep slowly up. I've been leveling skill for a long time now, but the meager gains on my strength-focused weapons have been leveling off as I reached and passed 30. If I were to push this build farther, I'd probably do the next run as a Quality build, and look at the Church Pick and something else as weapons, but I think I'd rather focus on a new run instead - the point in Souls NG+ runs where levels either become very hard to come by and/or start doing very little for you is almost inevitably where I drop off. I have a brand-new character that I plan to run as Skill, so if I don't take a break from the game I'll probably focus on him instead...

Last night I beat Rom, who joined Witch of Hemwick as only the second boss I've died to in this NG+ run, despite being one of the few bosses easy enough that I actually beat solo in my first play. Meanwhile, Shadows of Yharnam, who I was downright fearing coming back to, ended up being fairly simple. But now I'm actually a bit stuck figuring out where to go next. My options right now are Yahar'gul, Cainhurst, and the Nightmare Frontier. And technically the DLC, I guess, though lord knows I'm dreading that trip too - see above re: scaling catching up with me.

I kinda hate the frontier so I'll probably put that off as long as I can. Cainhurst is a neat environment with a boss I remember looking forward to fighting again, but I also remember despising all the invisible ladies and such. My only thought is that if I do Yahar'gul sooner, I can access Mergo's Loft and the Upper Cathedral Ward sooner. I'm interested in getting to Mergo's Loft sooner than later because I missed making contact and getting the higher-level Moon rune my first time through. But see above re: leveling and stats starting to taper off anyway. And I must be fuckin' coocoo nutso to think about going to the loft even a moment sooner than I'm absolutely required to. So...probably Cainhurst!


(He, Him)
Cainhurst hits that nice intersection between "coolest environment" and "pain in the ass enemies I just run past the entire time so I don't get to look at the cool environments".

Paul le Fou

24/7 lofi hip hop man to study/relax to

I actually haven't played since this last post. I think I've hit the point where I'm good for a little bit. I may go back someday and finish off that NG+ run, and/or play through the fresh character I'm aiming a skill build at. And I still want to try Arcane sometime. But I kind of realized I didn't really want to do any of the next areas, like, I was semi-dreading each of them, and was like, Eh, maybe I'll just...not, for right now.

But the people demanded Bloodborne and who am I to deprive them??


Lapsed Threadcromancer
I've still never completed the Fishing Hamlet or maybe even the Astral Clocktower. I should get back to that at some point. But, it has been so long. And, I'm hoping this game will finally come to PCs...

Imma wait.

Paul le Fou

24/7 lofi hip hop man to study/relax to
There have been a lot of rumors about a Remaster that will be on PS5 and PC. Like, "They did network testing" kind of granular rumors, so it seems pretty credible?


...we're shy.
I'd buy it and replay it no questions asked. I bought a PS4 for Bloodborne, so why not buy a PS5 for it again.